Liverpool Terrier Club 2013 Open
Sporting Terrier Association Yorkshire Open 2013
East Kent Canine Society Open 13
Central Cornwall Canine Society Open 13
Rochdale & District Canine Association 13
Falkirk & District CS 13
Wigton & District Canine Asso Open Show 13
Cheshire County Show 13
Hawick & District Canine Society
Dorset County Canine Society 13
Selkirk & District CS 13
Liverpool Terrier Club Open October 13
Selby Canine Society Open 13
Sunderland & District CS 13
Ashbourne & District Canine Society 13
Lincoln Canine Society 13

Hyde & District CA 12
Stourbridge & District CS Open12
Reading & District KA Open 12
Nottingham Sherwood Forresters Open 12
Maidenhead & District CS Open 12
Miniature Bull Terrier Club Open 12
Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Open 12
Fox Terrier Club Of Wales Open 12
Lancashire Porting Terrier Open 12
Oxford Canine Society Open 12
Westmoreland Canine Association Open 12
North of England Airedale Terrier Club 12
Stithians Agricultural Association Open 12
Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Open 12
Liverpool Terrier Open 12
Liverpool Kennel Association 12
Okehampton & District Canine Society 12
Midland Counties Airedale Terrier Club 12

National Terrier Stakes 11
North Of England Airedale Terrier Club 11
Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club 11
Wath West Melton & District CS 2011
West Midland Terrier 2011
Bury Sporting Terrier 2011
Lakeland Terrier Society 2011
Bakewell Show 11
Lancaster & District Canine Society 11
The Terrier Club Of South Wales
Liverpool Kennel Association 11
Sporting Terrier Association Yorkshire 11

North of England Irish Terrier Club O/ Show 10
Terrier Breeds Of Ireland Open Show 10
Open Show DOTY Contest 10
Yorks & Eastern Counties Airedale T. C. 10
Worcester & Malvern CS 10
Northern Provincial BTC Open Ohow
West Bromwich & Wednusbry CS 10
Monmouthshire Show Society – Open Show
London & Home Counties Terrier 10
Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club 10
The Pembrokeshire County Show 10
Northern Provincial BTC October Open Show
Wigan & District CS 10

Romsey And District CS 03-05-08
Irish Terrier Association Open show 2008
Treharris & District Canine Society 2008
Manchester & District Sporting Terrier Club Nov 08
The North Midlands Scottish Terrier Club Open Nov 08
Birmingham And District Gundog & Terrier Club 09
Saltburn And District Canine Society 09
Scottish Bull Terrier Club 09
Camberley & District Canine Society 09
Colne Nelson Canine Society 04/09
Worthing & District Canine Society 09
Walsall & District KA 09

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2012 Archives

Common Sense At Last Now Tackle The Professional Handlers Judging Issue more

Vet Mr Shanklin Said He Would Not Comment On Individual more

An Inteligent View of The Real World. Private Clubs And Elitism? more

Veterinary associations have told an influential committee of MPs that the Dog Advisory Council should be made into a regulatory more

Kennel Club chairman Steve Dean came under fire from members of a Government more

Townsend Says That Shows Are Not A Major Source Of Income For The more

Once The Toothpaste Is Out Of The Tube It’s A Bastard To Get It Back more

Pekingese Exhibitor Is Appointed 'High Profile Breed Poodle' more

The French Bulldog Best Of Breed Failed Its Veterinary Examination At more

Overseas Dogs Welcome To Compete In New Crufts more

Kennel Club reminds vets to report more

More than half of veterinary practices in the UK still more

Dogs Advisory Council Recomendations For Dogs And more

The NEC has upgraded its parking facilities improving the visitor experience for Crufts 2013 (What They Really Mean Is We're Increasing The Price) more

Professor Steve Dean called it “Our Kennel Club” at the speech he gave to the Welsh KC’s Dinner. He couldn’t have described it more

The Chairman Of The Kennel Club's Annual more

Missing Kerry Blue more

The Kennel Club is going to allow certain championship shows to do away with more

Belfast Dog Show Society have elected a new secretary. At a special general meeting on more


Blackpool Championship Show more

The Canine Alliance has issued an invitation to the Kennel Club Chairman to attend more

The Kennel Club has responded to criticism by its German counterpart of the high-profile breed veterinary health more

Health Checks Flawed Degrading And more

Canine Alliance Press Release...
read more


Could This Be The Catalyst For An Alternative Kennel more

Kennel Club chairman Prof Steve Dean has responded to more

The Kennel Club Are Invited To Suspend High-Profile Breed more

What A Dogs Dinner The Kennel Club Have Made For More

What Value A Challenge Certificate Now When Pedigree Dogs Exposed made the more

Should Exhibitors Demand Entry Fees And All Expenses Incurred As A Result Of Vets Decisions? more

An Open Letter To Professor Steve Dean Chairman more

Judging Critique Seminar A Money Spinner?
You Can Fool Some Of The People All Of The Time;
And All Of The people Some Of The Time;
But You Cannot Fool All Of The People All Of The Time.
(Does Anyone Have The Names Of The Sixty Planks Who Attended It?)

The Kennel Club has announced an important new requirement which will affect exhibitors competing at Crufts next month, and all other dog shows with immediate more

The Follow Up To Pedigree Dogs Exposed Is To Be Screened The Week Before Crufts Dog more

Dog health and responsible breeding continue to be at the forefront of the Kennel Club’s activities read more...

The Kennel Club confirms that next year it will continue vigorously to enforce its random coat more

The Kennel Club says it is disappointed that only one breeder is among the founding members of the Dog Advisory more

An anonymous letter containing ‘malicious allegations’ about Kennel Club General Committee member Dr Ron more

The Kennel Club has had discussions with the major veterinary organisations over restrictions on the number of litters born by caesarean more

The Kennel Club has announced that from 2012 it will normally register no more than four more

Need For Group And BIS Judging Questioned? Let's Trial It Starting With Crufts 2011! more

General championship show secretaries is to meet again, this time at the Kennel Club’s London more

Owners of legally-docked dogs are making an more

Exhibitors list the judge as the most important factor when deciding whether to go to a more

At the request of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Association, the more

Appeal Fails For Dogue Breeders Now Ordered To Pay £1000.00 Costs To Kennel more

BBC Radio 4’s programme on Tuesday 7th September, What is the Point of the Kennel more

The Kennel Club is urging more General & Group Championship Show Societies to consider publishing more

The Kennel Club is saddened to hear of the dog attack involving a ten year old girl in Kilmarnock more

The Dog Control Bill. The proposed piece of legislation to which many anti-Dangerous Dogs more

An annual dog licence fee of as little as £21.501 could help reduce the number of strays and help more

The Kennel Club is going to work with championship show organisers in a bid to make them more more

Some of the UK’s largest animal charities, law enforcement agencies and unions have today (Tuesday) jointly called on the leaders of the more

The Kennel Club has renewed its plea for owners to pick up after their dogs, following more

The allocation of CCs for 2013 has been agreed by the Kennel Club’s General more

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) 2010 Congress boasts a packed agenda highlighting a more

Panoram’s shocking documentary Britain’s Unwanted Pets made shocking newslast week more

The awards won at Crufts by the six dogs from Russia whose names did not appear in the catalogue more

Was This Vet Set Up? A Vet has appeared in court charged with illegally docking 13 Rottweiler more

A series of meetings between the Kennel Club and Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) in Northern Ireland have been hailed more

The Council Of Docked Breeds (CDB) is gearing up to try to get the docking ban more

I was recently sent an email from an 'Assistant Editor to Dog World' asking if they could use a photo that is on the front page of Terrier more

The Kennel Club repeated its call for the Dangerous Dogs Act to be repealed in the wake of the Panorama programme “Britain’s more

The Kennel Club travels to Belfast this week, to meet with Members of the Legislative more

I wonder Who Voted This Lot In? Strike Up The Bloody Band! more

KC Dog, the Kennel Club’s group in place to help responsible dog owners protect their rights, has today welcomed the more

All Secretaries are reminded that Kennel Club Regulations require every show/trial to submit a more

Veterinary associations’ response to BBC Panorama ‘It shouldn’ more

The World Of Dogs is riven by arguments, but now is the time to work together, according to more

The Veterinary profession was due to be the subject of an undercover investigation by Panorama...Read more


Independent Vets provided by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) will health check BOB more

Members of the Assured Breeder Scheme now stands at more more

Kennel Club moves closer to becoming a company more

The Kennel Club has been accused of hypocrisy in its support of the puppy farm awareness more

The General Committee met on 6th July 2010 to agree the allocation of Challenge Certificates for more

The Kennel Club has today welcomed some changes but raised concerns about the Dogs (Amendment) more

Since the Kennel Club introduced the regulation giving judges the authority to exclude a dog from competition due to health and more

A proposed new law giving local authorities the powers to restrict access for dog walkers has been introduced to the Northern more

Members of Parliament have recognised the British Veterinary Association’s contribution to the promotion of more

The Kennel Club has announced the following changes to its Accredited Breeder Scheme’s breed-specific more

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) reiterated its support for the Welsh Assembly Government’s proposed badger cull to tackle more

Animal welfare organisations, veterinary professionals and local authorities today joined forces to condemn the much-criticised more

Decisions that were made at a recent meeting between the Kennel Club and the British Association for German Shepherd Dogs (BAGSD) have now been more

At the first meeting between the Kennel Club and the German Shepherd Dog breed clubs which had signed the formal more

Two breeders and exhibitors of Dogue de Bordeaux's have been banned from all activities to do with more

A Champion Standard Poodle had to be put to sleep after suffering bloat at Southern more

What should vets do to advise their clients about responsible breeding and pet ownership? more

Mike Townsend has been appointed the new vice-chairman of more

The Russian Scottie from Crufts May Be Disqualified...Who Cares! more

The Kennel Club wishes to confirm its position concerning the exhibitors that entered dogs for DFS Crufts 2010 claiming undelivered more

This years AGM for the Kennel Club Members proved to be a damp squib for the controversial [to those in power] proposals put more

The proposal that chairmanship of the Kennel Club should be limited to a six-year term gave rise to much discussion at the more

It is with grave concern and URGENCY that we felt it crucial to contact you and ask you to spread more

Animal welfare groups have reacted angrily to a suggestion that dogs seized or held by police under section one of more

Representatives of 14 clubs and the German Shepherd breed council – all of which more

A bid to limit the Kennel Club chairman’s term of office is to be made at next week’s AGM.
Robin Searle will more

Dave Moger a Cavalier breeder who has spent nearly two years pursuing his complaint against Pedigree Dogs Exposed has more

The first meeting between the Kennel Club and representatives from those German Shepherd Dog Breed Clubs which more

Intimidation And Vendetta Have not Reined Every Club In.
The Kennel Club Chairman has asked the German Shepherd Dog League of GB to more


The Kennel Club is urging breed rescue organisations and re-homing shelters to join the Association of Dogs and more

A meeting is to be held at the Kennel Club with representatives of the 21 German Shepherd more

The Dangerous Dogs Reform Group's former chairman has warned that repealing the more

Now that the deadline from GSD Clubs for receipt of the signed Undertakings from those clubs wishing to be considered for 2012 more

Jemima Harrison In The Frame? A Chairperson is being sought for the advisory council which will provide advice on dog more

Following the Health Protection Agency’s advice to the public on the possible health effects of the Icelandic volcanic ash more

In a letter to the KC’s executive – canine activities Kathryn Symns, acting chairman Nikki Farley more

The Kennel Club has complained to the ITV about the way in which German more

The DogsTrust does not believe that a return to the dog licence would provide a welfare more

Dog breeding that is done Commercially is worth a total of 300m Euros a year to the more

Petlog, the UK’s largest pet reunification service, will be outlining the importance of microchipping at their stand at the more

The RSPCA welcomes new government guidelines for pet owners on how to look after more

Two more accredited breeders have withdrawn their application to receive the accolade of more

The German Shepherd Dog League of GB and The German Shepherd Dog Club of Devon have more

After a milestone victory for dogs in Wales, the Kennel Club is disappointed to learn of the intention of the Electronic Collar more

The Kennel Club, organisers of the world's greatest dog show DFS Crufts, will be holding the latest instalment of its Question more

RSPCA calls for new dog registration scheme as survey shows overwhelming more

Clare 'Butch' Balding – now a self appointed canine expert – decided that the GS BOB more

A Crufts BOB German Shepherd Owner claims that her life in dogs has been ruined by a remark made during More4’s TV coverage of the more

Fourteen of the 30 German Shepherd Breed Clubs have, by 23rd March, already more

The RSPCA has welcomed the National Assembly for Wales’ decision to ban the use of electric shock more

Vets are warning against widespread concern and panic after press reports that there will be a significant threat of rabies to the more

Moray Armstrong, co-handler of Crufts BIS, the Hungarian Vizsla Sh Ch/Aus Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind (Yogi), has been more

A pensioner taking part in the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme display teams was more

Professional Streaker Mark Roberts managed to disrupt the gundog group at Crufts on Sunday more

Exhibitors of legally-docked dogs are livid that Bath CS has decided to charge a £4 admission more

A 16th century sea dog, the only female crew member aboard Henry VIII’s flagship the Mary Rose, more

A Hungarian Vizsla which has been proven successful in both the show ring and the field will more



Vets have welcomed the Government consultation on reforming dangerous dogs legislation but more

The RSPCA is calling for irresponsible pet ownership to be the focus of the Government’s newly announced public consultation on more

Comments on the proposal to change the height in the Lakeland Terrier Standard. From Ron more

A public consultation on how to tackle irresponsible owners and their potentially dangerous dogs is to be launched within more

DFS Crufts FM, the dedicated radio station for the world’s largest dog show, will be hitting the airwaves once again next week to more

The Kennel Club is offering dog show judges across eight breeds the chance to enhance their knowledge through its schedule for the more

An RSPCA chief officer has been deployed to earthquake stricken Haiti to take over the day to day running of the Animal Relief more

The veterinary profession was well represented at a meeting of key stakeholders brought together to discuss the next steps on more

After four years of campaigning, the Kennel Club has jubilantly welcomed the announcement made by Wales’ Rural Affairs more

The German Shepherd Dog breed council has written to the Kennel Club asking if it can negotiate a resolution to the 2012 CCs more

The Kennel Club is developing a revolutionary new database that will enable people to find a perfect mate for their dog and which more

THE RSPCA has been ordered to pay a huge legal bill after losing a battle over a £2 million estate more

In his speech to the British Veterinary Association's London dinner, BVA President Professor Bill Reilly renewed calls on the more

The Kennel Club has made it clear that the single most important issue currently facing the German Shepherd Dog as a breed is more

The Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Scheme (KCAI) has become the first nationally recognised qualification in the UK for instructors more

The Kennel Club has welcomed comments by the Scottish Government detailing their more


Around 28,000 dogs are set to descend on the NEC in Birmingham on 11-14 March for the world’ more

The Kennel Club has announced the list of Shows Council representatives for the next three years, as more

DFS Crufts 2010 – Ring Changes And Early And Late more

Kennel Club Announces Drop In Registrations This is the lowest total since more


The Kennel Club has announced that 56 breeders have qualified for the first ever Kennel Club more

At the request of the relevant breed clubs, the Kennel Club has recently approved two more more

At the request of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Council, the Kennel Club has agreed that it will more

Registrations have fallen in all breeds in 2009 by 27, 258. This is a loss of revenue for the Kennel Club to the tune of
£327, more

The Kennel Club has announced a change of judge for the Sealyham Terrier at DFS Crufts as Mr R Platt has withdrawn due to ill health.
The replacement judge is Mr H A Horn.

Vets have welcomed Professor Bateson’s report on dog breeding as an important step on a more

Dogs Trust response to the publication of Professor Sir Patrick Bateson’s Independent More

Dog Welfare Report: New Panel Needed To Oversee Pedigree Health A new report published more

The Kennel Club has broadly welcomed Professor Sir Patrick Bateson’s ‘Independent Inquiry more
After a ten month long inquiry, Professor Sir Patrick Bateson FRS called for a non-statutory Advisory Council on Dog more
A breeding programme which was originated with an intentional Pointer/Dalmatian more
The Young Kennel Club is looking for those budding artists among its more
The Kennel Club’s online registration service is growing ever more popular and the Kennel Club’s more
The Kennel Club has been waiting since July 2009 for the GSD community as a whole more
Legislation has been published in the Irish Republic which, according to Environment more
The Kennel Club is expanding the scope of the work undertaken by the group responsible more

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