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Bedlington Manchester 18 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Manchester 18 Judge





Judge: Mr Tom Mather

BEST OF BREED : 1252 RAINSBURY, Mrs V K & HAMILTON Mrs J Jetsway Absolut Ice At Tangris
Best Dog : 1251 NEVILLE Mr J D Honeymist Posh Peanuts At Chancete
Res Best Dog : 1253 ROGERSON, Dr K & CUTTING Mr L Kensteen Ballerino
Best Bitch : 1252 RAINSBURY, Mrs V K & HAMILTON Mrs J Jetsway Absolut Ice At Tangris
Res Best Bitch : 1243 BAMBRIDGE Mrs V A Woolytop Bluebell Girl At Beckstone
Best Puppy : 1246 FARNWORTH Mrs L Sharnor Kwick Kuddles For Tsantha
Best Veteran :


PD (1)

1 Rogerson & Cutting's Kensteen Ballerino. Very typical in outline and he has a pleasing coat texture. Good head properties with large nose and smallish keen eye. Deep chest with good tuck-up. Moderate hind angulation. Once settled, moved well. Reserve Best Dog.

JD (1)

1 Neville's Honeymist Posh Peanuts At Chancete. Presents a most attractive picture with his good outline and decent jacket which was presented to advantage. Good head, decent length of neck and typical front assembly. Good loin and well muscled hindquarters. Very typical profile action. Best Dog.

PB (1)

1 Farnworth's Sharnor Kwick Kuddles For Tsantha. Feminine and quite graceful with a lovely head, small dark eye, strong jaw and large nose. Fairly flat ribs which extend well back and good loin. Decent textured jacket. Once settled went well, shows to advantage. Best Puppy.

JB (2)

1 Bambridge's Woolytop Bluebell Girl At Beckstone. Just a few days too old for Puppy but what a nice youngster this is. Very pleasing to handle with her good body with adequate depth of brisket, good tuck up and very typical topline. Particularly good forehand and this just gave her the advantage today. Good textured jacket that was presented to advantage. Moved well with a light easy action. Reserve Best Bitch.

2 Gillies' Rhicullen Patchwork. Liver. In no way disgraced by standing second here today. A very good moving bitch who handles well with good length of neck, decent legs and feet, flattish rib and some tuck up. Very typical in outline.

OB (4, 2)

1 Rainsbury & Hamilton's Jetsway Absolut Ice At Tangris. Best Bitch and BOB. A beautifully balanced exhibit who has a real air of quality. Very satisfying to handle as she is soundly made with a lovely head and expression, good depth of brisket, some tuck up. Super topline and low tail set. Sound with a very typical action. Dense linty coat.

2 Mitchell's Miteymidgets Say Mama. Very pleasing head and expression; narrow skull with small, keen eyes and large nose. Good neck and shoulders. Moved soundly and with some style.

Judge Tom Mather


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