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Bedlington Bournemouth 13 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Bournemouth 13 Judge




Judge: Mrs P Garbutt

BEST OF BREED : 19 AMES Mrs S & Mr N Sharnor Faithful Falcon
Dog CC : 19 AMES Mrs S & Mr N Sharnor Faithful Falcon
Res Dog CC : 46 WALSHAW, M & J & RICHARDSON P Janmark Jeremiah JW Sh.CM
Bitch CC : 20 BANNISTER Mr C & Mrs Y Miteymidgets Look of Love
Res Bitch CC : 43 RICHARDSON Mr C & Mrs C A Highdene High Society
Best Puppy : 23 BEESLEY Mr & Mrs J Lowbrook Little China Girl At Flintstor
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder : Bannister


Bedlington Terriers

I was honoured to judge at this show as it was the first time they have awarded CC for Bedlingtons. I was pleased to see good housekeeping in that all had good clean pads & teeth with good bites something I commented on last time I judged. I think the heat was getting to some as some very nice dogs flattened out on the move making my decisions harder.

PD (0).

JD (2)

1 Honey’s Burbeach Sunlight, very nice young dog of correct size with a lot of promise, in good coat with good furnishings & pigmentation, dark eye & good bite, moved well for a youngster. Good length of head, correct lay of shoulder with depth of rib;

2 McCourt’s Burmington Hush A Bye, liver with good pigmentation a rarity these days in livers, coat a little soft & wispy, lovely fine ears, correct eye colour, good bite, good length of neck into correct shoulders. Just a bit proud of his tail & movement a bit erratic but promising.

PGD (0).

LD (1)

1 Brady & Carter’s Tcheria Shenanigans, I have watch this dog from the ringside & admired him & he didn’t disappoint with hands on. Nice head with good bite, nice fine ears, long neck with good shoulders, good height to length ratio, correct bend of stifle & hare feet, carried his tail correctly, in good coat, moved well. I am sure his day will come.

OB (5)

1 Ames’ Sharnor Faithful Falcon, I have judged this dog when he was a youngster & he played his handler up on that day but here he did everything right even though it was a hot day. He walked with purpose head held high & kept his shape on the move with the roach over the loin, in good coat with good furnishings everything I like in a dog, correct bite, lovely ears & dark eye. Lovely long neck into correct shoulders with plenty of depth & length of rib with good tuck up, well off for bone, correct angulation on good hare feet with correct sloping pasterns. Pity he was up against the usual suspects in the group as he did not disappoint. CC & BOB;

2 Walshaw & Richardson’s Janmark Jeremiah, another good youngster, in good coat, just a bit short in body coat & not the length of body of 1. Excelled in head with good bite & correct dark eye, long neck & correct shoulders with depth of rib, good angulation, clean hare feet, carried his tail correctly on the move. RCC;

3 Jones’ Pengerrig Unique.

PB (2)

1 Beesley’s Lowbrook Little China Girl at Flinstor, lovely liver bitch of good size with correct angulation & good hare feet. Could have moved better but will allow for this as a puppy & the heat didn’t help. Sweet feminine expression, good length of head, large brown nostrils, correct bite, nice neck with good lay of shoulders, good depth of rib. Coat a bit soft but that will come with time. BP;

2 Graham’s Ruffsfurze Zemzem, nice blue, longer bodied than 1, played her handler up a bit. In lovely blue coat with good length of head, good bite, lovely dark eye, good depth of rib with correct angulation, should do well when she matures a little.

JB (1)

1 Fielding’s Burbeach Starlight, liked this bitch very much, good size with good length to height ratio, very feminine, in good coat, moved well with correct tail carriage & angulation, nice hare feet, should have a bright future.

PGB (1)

1 Mayers & Bannister’s Toolbox Helping Hand for Tcheria, I was spoilt for choice here with good quality bitches, this was another one all in proportion, lovely lay of shoulders, good depth of rib, correct angulation, nice hare feet, nice low hocks, moved well with correct tail carriage, good feminine head & expression, good bite, fine ears. She was on my shortlist

LB (6)

1 Mayer’s Tcheria Flibbertigibbet, nice bitch in fit condition, well muscled, moved out with purpose, kept her shape on the move, good length of head with plenty of foreface, correct bite, dark eye, nice fine ears, good depth of rib, good tuck up with correct angulation;

2 Richardson’s Highdene Hetti, good quality bitch in good coat, good pigmentation, pleasing head with feminine expression, correct bite, dark eye, lovely shoulder with depth of rib, carried tail well on the move, kept her shape;

3 Lacey’s Bowlingbrook Trick Or Treat.

OB (5)

1 Bannister’s Miteymidgets Look Of Love, easily the best class of the day, all could have been the winner but I had to make a decision & this bitch stood out to me, fit for purpose & well muscled with plenty of bone, moved well both coming & going keeping her shape with no exaggerations, in cracking coat with good furnishings, lovely feminine head, well filled under a dark eye with correct bite, good ear set well, neck & shoulders correct, good depth of rib with tuck up, standing on clean hare feet, correct sloping pasterns. Just piped by the dog in the challenge. CC;

2 Richardson’s Highdene High Society, very close decision as this one also maturing well, a completing different type to 1 but well worthy of her ch status, correct size, moved well both coming & going keeping her roach over the loin with good angulation, correct hare feet & sloping pasterns, correct tail carriage, lovely feminine expression, good pigmentation, fine ears carried well, excellent shoulder placement, good depth of rib. RCC;

3 Yearley’s Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook. Breeder Bannister, a good team, all fit for purpose, well muscled & ready to do a day’s work if required, in excellent coats, moved as one.


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