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Ch/Am Ch Morgansonne Meris Dar-Lu Of Falkmere

Ch Nedavir Notorious (Kerry)

Ch Madragorm Maximus of Irisblu (Kerry)

Multi Ch MacRoy's Airish Dandy (Kerry)


Int Ch Multi Dandy Black & Blue Rokoko (Kerry)

Ch Kordes Very Magnifficent (Kerry)

Ch. Leto Atreides de La Cadiera (Kerry)

Ch. Quinta Esencia de La Cadiera (Kerry)


Ch Merrymac Efficient Dynamics (Irish)

Ch. Kerrydom Court Justine for La Cadiera (Kerry)


Ch Jaideld Gypsy Girl (Airedale)

Ch Jaideld Gypsy Lady Luck (Airedale)



Ch Jaideld Gypsy Viviana of Muliebrity (Airedale)

Ch Jaideld Florentine Gypsy

Ch Jaideld Quirina The Gypsy of Aierpatrol (Airedale)

Ch Jaideld The Swordsman (Airedale)


Ch Mollora Kristi Marie with Janmark Shcm (Bedlington)

Ch Jaideld Gypsy Queen of Wllderness (Airedale)
Ch Terrijay Whynot (Irish)



Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Shcm (Bedlington)

Top Ch Kebulak Rockin Robin
Ch Kebulak Rockin Robin (Kerry)

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