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Ru Ch Quick Fly Lily Of The Valley (Airedale)


Ru Ch Cry Of Love Du Vallon Des Diablotins (Lakie)

Ru Ch Quick Fly Welcome To Sweden (Airedale)

Ru Ch Quick Fly Wings Of Love (Airedale)
Ru Ch Beit Martavik Yamaskaya Tequila (Wire Fox)

Int Ch Beit Martavik Niko-Tinka (Wire Fox)

Aus Ch Tjuringa Yuletide Angel (Welsh)

Ch Moorside Ever So Elegant From Cottontops (Bed)


Int Ch Aran Ardpatrick (Kerry)


Crufts Best In Show 2009
Ch Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice (Sealyham)



Multi Ch Aran Enniskerry 'Bo'
Int Ch Aran Enniskerry (Kerry)

Int Ch Celestial Harmony (Bed)


Ch Bad Girl Pauline At Molru (Staffordshire Bull)

Ir Ch Merlindan Xsara of Zaracle (English Bull)

Ch Chelines Blue Chelinilla (Kerry)

Ch Doraemi Mr Sandman (Airedale)



Ch Naughty But Nice At KopyKats (Kerry)

Ch Anasazi Billy The Kid (Welsh)

Int Ch El Virginiano de La Cadiera (Kerry)

Ch Kanjuley Kygwenethan (SC Wheaten)

Ch Don Mendo de La Cadiera (Kerry)

Ch. Terciopelo-Azul de La Cadiera (Kerry)