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West Highland Crufts 18 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Crufts 18 Judge




Judge(s): MRS T GAYDON



It was an absolute honour to be able to judge so many fabulous westies here. With an entry like this and the mix of dogs from here and overseas made for some very tough decisions. The open dog class was an absolute delight with some stunning males on show. I was thrilled with my top winners obviously but there are numerous younger individuals who show great promise for the future which is good news for the breed here.

VETERAN 10 (3 abs)

1st Gordons Ch Lamsmore Fitzwritin. Old favourite of mine and I was pleased to see him at crufts again. He still is showing like a trooper and was immaculately presented. 10 years old now and still in terrific coat and condition. Good head, keen eye, small neat ears carried so well. Nice neck and shoulder, short back and tail on top. Moved true and soundly both ways.

2nd. Fryers Ch/int/multi Ch Hopecharm Prince Harry. Son of the winner and lots to like about him. Another shown in A1 coat and condition. Lovely head and expression, ample neck, lovely harsh jacket and well carried tail. Showed himself to advantage.

3rd. Bouwhuis Ch. Llovall A King Of Hearts. Glad to see this fella really showing his socks off today. He too was shown in perfect coat and condition and completed a trio of fabulous old boys!

Puppy 3

1st. Corris Inverglen Master Mariner. Smart young chap who was a new one to me. Nice head, good mouth with strong muzzle. Very compact body, short backed and well set tail. Showed well once settled and should have a bright future.

2nd. Coopers Borastar Urban Spaceman. Well balanced puppy with lots to like about him. Not so strong in head as winner. Lovely neck and shoulder, strong hindquarters which he used well on the move. In good coat for a young dog and one I can see doing well when he matures.

3rd. Newcombs Comdale For Your Eyes Only. This pup showed himself very well moving with confidence both ways. In nice coat and well presented.

Junior 4

1st. Minetts Duskhunter Ruff Diamond. Very showy young male who demands attention on the move. It was his movement that won him this class today. Ok head, good mouth and pigment. Nice neck and shoulders, strong bone and compact body. Good tailset although he can carry it a touch too far over at times.

2nd. Carlin and Gillotts Lizandycris Paco Rooban. Prefered his head to the winners but just not so settled on the move. Another who will improve a great deal with maturity. Shown in nice coat, compact dog with nice outline when stacked.

3rd. Mitchells Newvoldermort Nostrodamus At Frazandmitch. Loved the coat and condition of this dog today and could have placed higher but had the tendency to loose balance on the move.

Yearling 8

1st. Flamang, Jenkins and Crocketts Violent Warrior Vertragus. Very flashy lad shown in wonderful condition. So sure of himself both standing and on the move. Terrific head and expression, neat front, short back with tail on top. Very well balanced male and held his outline on the move. Top honours not far away im sure.

2nd. Toths Bogarhazi New Fashion. Different type but still a very nice dog. Nice head and eye, strong muzzle, good mouth. Nice coat of correct length. Moved ok but did loose his outline a little on the move.

3rd. Berrys Karamynd Star Player With Ashgate. Nice male who has matured so well since I last saw him. Good head and eye, nice mouth with good sized teeth. Compact body and showed well.

Post Grad 9 (1) abs

1st. Wrzsoeks Updates Down Under Vom Nopper Hof. Easy winner of this class. Nice strong male shown in nice coat and condition. Strong head and muzzle, neat ears and dark eye. Just right for neck, short backed and excellent on the move. Shown well by his young handler.

2nd. McLoughlins Leyhey Local Laddie. Compact dog, nice head and mouth. Ok coat, good topline which he held on the move. Would just like him a little more masculine.

3rd. Bradburys Gelmoore Midwinter Magic At Fourstay. Larger dog but has good balance. Strong head and muzzle, nice pigment. Showed well.

Limit 7(1 Abs)

1st. Van Der Veens NL Ch Bellevue Thunderbolt. Lovely type of male. Strong head and mouth, great pigment and neat ears which he used to advantage. Terrific neck and shoulder, shortest of backs and tail on top. Excellent on the move, he has both power and precision. In excellent coat and condition shown to advantage to the Res CC.

2nd. Purchons Lindenka Im Dexter. Compact dog who just lacks a little showmanship in the ring. Lovely head and expression, well placed ears. Shown in good coat of nice length. Very well presented and handled.

3rd. Updates Down Under Vom Nopper Hof.

Open 26 (2abs)

What an amazing class this was. Looking around the ring at so many fabulous dogs made me very proud of our breed!!

1st. Int/Multi Ch White Villan King Of Hearts. What a smashing dog this is. He is truly beautiful to go over and could find nothing with him that I didn’t like. Fabulous head with a truly wicked expression, darkest of eyes, strong muzzle and mouth with large teeth. Terrific neck and shoulder, short back with perfect tailset with shortest of tails. Powerful hindquarters which propelled him effortlessly around the ring. He held his shape so well on the move. He had that swagger and confidence I love to see with proper terrier spirit. More than happy to award him the CC and BOB.

2nd. Smirnov Piter Westie Zippy Star Boy. I had the pleasure of judging this male a few years ago and I loved him then and still do. Stunning headpiece, piercing expression, strongest of muzzles with good bite. Strong neck, neat front and excellent bone. Very compact body and powerful rear end. Beautifully conditioned coat and crisp white jacket. He also showed himself to advantage on the move.

3rd. Ch Atom De La Pomme. Completed a trio of lovely dogs any of whom could have taken the top honours. This dog was put down to perfection and never stopped showing for a minute. Great head with neat well placed ears. Slightly longer cast than the first two but so well balanced. Moved with drive and purpose both ways.

Good Citizens 1

1st Fletcher Kings Kellbany White Wizard At Leyhey. Nice headed dog with good mouth and well set ears. In nice jacket and shown off lead on the move and also a little obedience in there too. Well done.

Veteran 11 (3abs)

1st.Sims Int/Nord/Fin/SV Ch Whos Rock The Boat. This little lady is in stunning coat and condition for a veteran. Pretty head, wonderful pigment and excellent mouth. Nice neck and shoulders leading to short back with great tailset. Moved with verve both ways. Best veteran in breed.

2nd. Mauls Int/L/Kft/Vdh/Vet Ch Kft/Vdh/L Ch White Bandits Belle Bijou. Another shown in great condition for age. Good head with well set small ears, dark eye with keen expression. Compact body with good rear quarters. Shown very well with good movement.

3rd. Smiths Ch Faymar Fine Romance. Very well known bitch whom I finally had the pleasure of getting my hands on. She is wonderful to go over and its easy to see why she has done all the winning in the past that she has. Unfortunately she was not in her best coat on the day otherwise she would have undoubtedly placed higher.

Minor Puppy 2

1st. Wests Whos Dressed Up At Tomlyndon. Very mature for her age and showing so well too. She certainly enjoyed herself on the move and I love seeing a pup with such a fun attitude and not a little robot. Good head, strong muzzle and nice mouth. She has a short compact body with nice bone and substance. Will watch her progress with interest.

2nd. Harpers Westigo Full Of Cheek. Another promising pup who at the moment lacks the maturity and finish of winner. She has all she needs to progress further in time and im sure she too will have a bright future.

Puppy 6 (1abs)

1st Griffiths Karamynd Guilded Lilly. Very compact and showy little lady. Very nice to go over on the table. Lovely head with wicked expression, Small well set ears carried perfectly. Nice neck, neat front, shortest of backs and short well set tail. Moved with drive when settled. Another whom I predict a bright future for. Best Puppy In Breed.

2nd. Steemsons Bocans News Flash. Stronger type of bitch who also showed very well on the day. Nice head, good mouth with large teeth. Plenty of neck, compact body with powerfull hindquarters. Another who showed to advantage on the move.

3rd. Gales Bellevue Nuts N Bolts. This little lady was giving a lot away in maturity to the first two. She has a very pretty head with a keen eye and lovely expression. Has all the essentials to do well just needs time.

Junior 12 (3ABS)

1st. Van Der Veens The Dashing Devils Lollypop. Stunning young bitch who showed like a real pro. Beautiful head and expression, dark eye, neat ears well set. Great neck and shoulders and best of fronts. Short, compact body with well set tail. Powerful rear end which she really used on the move. Pushed hard for CC but just not showing as well in challenge stacked as she did in her class.

2nd. Knappes Bettyhills Simply The Best Davina. Another little bitch who is just my type. Very compact and strong girl with great substance and bone. Very nice head and expression, well set ears and terrific bite. Movement was effortless and true both ways. A true terrier.

3rd. Minetts Duskhunter Diamond Lil. Completing a trio of very nice bitches. Not so strong in head as first two but is also not as mature as them either. Nice neck and shoulders, good length of back with strong hind quarters. Her strength is her movement who like her brother is perfect.

Yearling 8 (3abs)

1st. Mauls White Bandits Lollipop. Very nicely made bitch of correct size. Nice head, mouth and eye. Great neck, shoulders and front, compact body with good rearend. Moved well with drive. Shown in good coat of correct length.

2nd. Przygodka Victory In The Game Vertragus. Another very well made bitch. Slightly larger type than winner but very well balanced. Nice head, mouth and width of muzzle. Good neck and front and excellent tailset. Very good on the move showed well.

3rd. Steemsons Bocans Striking Diamonds. Good honest bitch who also has lots to like about her. Nice head and eye with correct bite. Enough neck with good front, strong and compact body with ok tailset. Moved well.

Post Graduate 12 (2abs)

1st Fryers Hopecharm Bit Of Fruitcake. Very well balanced and compact little bitch shown in lovely jacket of correct length. Great head, ears and mouth with wide strong muzzle. Just enough neck, well placed shoulders and ok in front. Perfect topline and tailset and very good on the move. Will trouble the best this year im sure.

2nd. Fosters Thowzow Edelweiss. This bitch looked stunning stacked with an outstanding outline. Nice head, lovely neck and front, short back and tail on top. Would prefer a little more reach in front on the move but rear drive was good. Shown in perfect condition and snow white jacket.

3rd. Bradburys Lizandycris Misschieves At Fourastay. Larger type of bitch who also was well balanced stacked but just lost outline on the move a little. Nice head and mouth, ok neck and shoulders, good topline and tailset ok. Showed well.

Limit 7 (2abs)

1st. Gales Bellevue Gossip Catcher. Eyecatching bitch who never stops showing and has the correct terrier spirit I love. Nice head, good mouth with nice strong muzzle, well set ears which she used all the time. Perfect neck and shoulders, neat front and good bone. Lovely topline which she held on the move. Movement was perfect both ways. Another who should be collecting top honours soon.

2nd. Dales Lynnsto Evelyn All. Smaller type of bitch who has plenty of substance in her small package. Ok head, neat ears, good bite and pigment. Well balnced body and good bone. Moved well both ways. A honest bitch.

3rd. Purchons Lindenka Apple Crumble. Similar type to second bitch. Well made and lots to like about her. Excellent head and mouth, compact body with good tailset. Showed ok but would like alittle more animation.

Open. 20 (3abs)

1st. Burns Ch Burneze Our Marnie. Stunning bitch who was shown today in the most perfect coat and condition. Beautiful head with strong jaw and good bite with large teeth. Good neck and shoulder, perfect front with excellent bone. Carrying just the right amount of weight. Perfect topline stacked and on the move with tail right on top. She shows so well with attitude and style. Her movement was great today and she really powered herself around the ring. Thrilled to award her the CC today.

2nd Fryers Hopecharm Christmas Rose. Another top quality who on another day could easily win the CC. Great head, strong muzzle and good mouth. Very well balanced all through with no exagerations. She showed herself to advantage today to gain her place in this strong class.

3rd. Foxs Ch Hillsted Sweet Mystery. Completing a trio of lovely bitches today. No secret I have been a big fan of hers but today just felt she was carrying too much weight. Fabulous head and mouth, neat well placed ears which she uses well. She alaways shows so well as she did today moving with drive both ways.

Good Citizens 3 (1abs)

1st, Andrews Rupann Spring Surprise. Nice little bitch who showed ok. Nice head and mouth, fair neck and shoulders. Showed well.

2nd. Andrews Kellethrigg Christmas Rose At Rupann. This bitch also showed ok. Carrying a little too much weight and not in best of coats but enjoying her day.



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