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Staffordshire East Of England 13 Judge's Critique

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East Of England 13 Judge





Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Pleased to see my BOB take G2, he really did the Stafford proud – the G1, G3 & G4 were all top winning group & BIS winners. At the end of the day he was still showing as well as he did in his breed class, moved around the BIS ring as if he owned it. Also a pleasure to see my BP take PG4.

MPD (4)

1 Southworth’s Albermarbull Gambler for Staffmaster, last day of MP, fawn with white markings, very promising youngster, lovely head with a keen expression, clean muzzle of correct ratio to skull, dark round eyes, clean in lips, good scissor bite, nice clean front with well padded feet, ample rib & brisket for age, length of back & coupling OK, rearquarters developing nicely for age, moves soundly & maintains a good outline with a level topline;

2 Rogers’ Roughnecks Darkness Falls of Ynysstaff, b/br with white chest, heavier dog than 1, pleasing head shape, keen expression, dark round eyes, neat ear carriage, good mouth, well boned, straight front with strong pasterns & well padded feet, level topline, nice angulations to the rear, moved well for a baby;

3 Wetherall’s Kreios God Of Leadership.

PD (7)

1 Fulford’s Elitebulls Heartbreaker for Regalbull, black, very nice puppy showing potential, pleasing head shape, strong foreface, correct bite, nice dark round eyes, correct ear carriage, straight well boned front with tidy well padded feet, nice depth to brisket, level topline both standing & on the move, well angulated hindquarters, in lovely coat condition, a credit to the owner. BP & PG4;

2 Carter’s Seastaff Poseidon, r/w slightly heavier than 1, very clean outlines, no exaggerations, strong head, right length of muzzle with good big teeth & correct bite, well placed ears, strong neck, straight front, nice rib for age, balanced body with good topline, nice bend of stifle, moved very well;

3 Walker & Rollin’s Seenworstaff True Grit for Janikastco.

JD (10)

1 Beeby & Watson’s Geordiestaff Dynamo Dexter, br/w, good head shape, correct ratio of skull to muzzle, clean tight lips, excellent mouth with strong underjaw, neat well positioned ears & dark well positioned round eyes, straight front of good width & depth, ample bone leading to tight feet well up on pasterns, topline very good leading to lovely tuck-up in loins which follows onto powerful well angulated hindquarters, in 1st class condition, moved very well;

2 Asker’s Dazmarnic Ill Ave Arf, r/w in excellent condition, pleasing head shape with well pronounced cheek muscles, clean lipped, large white teeth, correct bite, dark well positioned eyes, lovely front assembly showing strong pasterns with small well padded feet, clean strong neck leading onto a very good topline, body developing nicely for age, correctly angulated hindquarters, moved very soundly;

3 Williams’ Jodels Fernando.

YD (5)

1 Hedges & Bogovcic’s Suurisuun Boppinghams Birulai, very flashy r/w pied, certainly the star of the day by a distance, nearly 20 months, although not a large class he stood out like a beacon as he did in the line-up when challenging, found that when I viewed him from any angle he fits the bill like a glove, movement & showmanship second to none, a Standard dog, beautiful in outline ideal height to weight ratio, good head shape with a prominent stop, correct dentition, good breadth of muzzle & ample depth of underjaw, dark round well placed eyes, good earset & carriage providing a keen expression, I could be nitpicking & say I prefer a slightly smaller ear but the perfect Stafford has not been born, straight front with ample bone, supported by strong pasterns & neat tight feet, deep brisket & well sprung ribcage, good level topline both standing & on the move, short in body with defined waistline, hindquarters well angulated giving him a perfect driving motion, well muscled thighs & good bend of stifle, in excellent condition, handler certainly knows how to get the best out of him. CC, BOB & G2;

2 Booth & Grimwood’s Ramblestaff Dirty Cash, good head shape with a keen expression, good eye & ear placement, correct bite with good strength of underjaw, correct shoulder placement, straight front with well padded tight feet, level topline, good rear angulations pleasing outline both standing & on the move;

3 Hart’s Albermarbull Red Riot.

GD (2)

1 Hall’s Geordiestaff Canny Laddie, b/br, excellent expression, clean lips, strong muzzle with correct mouth & good strength of underjaw, correct shoulder placement with padded tight feet, level topline, good rear angulations, moved with drive, handled very well;

2 Brooksby & Pycroft’s Valglo Notorious at Sarianterra, b/br/w similar type to 1, compact dog, good balanced body, correct bite, small rose ears giving a good expression, good legs & feet, nice front, good rearquarters with ample bend in stifle, correct tail carriage, moved & handed well.

PGD (5)

1 Horton & Dunn’s Albermarbull Running Riot, r/w very well presented, excellent condition, good blend of bull & terrier, well shaped head, distinct stop, dark eye & correct bite, strong underjaw, pronounced cheek muscles, straight front, good depth of brisket & spring of rib, short backed, level topline, moved very well both ways;

2 Nicholson’s Zoellies Northern Star for Ballindona, r/w heavier than 1, excellent head shape, great expression & proportions skull to muzzle, good front up on his pasterns, good feet, ample bone, clean neck flowing into his well angulated shoulders & ample spring of rib, ample tuck-up, strong backend, moved with drive;

3 Moore & Cullum’s Eclypstaff Rude Boy.

LD (12)

1 Bruton’s Zakstaff Black Baron, dog I have judged before as a MP when he gained first place has progressed into a mature superb example, b/br with a beautiful head & expression, good mouth, dark round eyes & neat ears, straight well boned front with good well padded feet, nicely laid shoulders & level topline which he holds on the move, powerful hindquarters with good bend in stifle, nice whipped tail carried correctly;

2 Cartwright’s Zakstaff Game On, dark brindle litter brother to 1, lovely head qualities with alert expression, correct length of muzzle, dark round eyes & neat rose ears used to advantage, good width of chest let down in brisket, straight well boned front with good feet, nice reach of neck leading into a well sprung ribcage, fore & rearquarters well angulated, finished off with correct tail carriage;

3 Hyde’s Sedgebred Black Diamond.

OD (13)

1 Dewar’s Euphemia Drummer Boy, Standard size dog in excellent condition, well shaped head with small well placed rose ears, strong muzzle & ample underjaw, good dentition, dark round eyes, straight well boned front, well up on pasterns & small well padded feet, powerful neck leading into well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs, deep brisket, short coupled, good bend of stifle & well muscled hindquarters, moved extremely well & expertly presented. RCC;

2 William’s Hubbell’s Nebraska at Mountarw, Standard size red, one I have judged before where I gave him first in PG, in first class condition, good head with prominent stop, correct bite, dark round eyes, neat rose ears, strong underjaw, straight front with well boned legs & tight well padded feet, well sprung rib, fore & rearquarters well angulated allowing him to move freely;

3 Plant’s Ch Kyraloebis Italian Gigalo.

MPB (6)

1 Merrick’s Seabull Temptress Of Fire for Magicgem, 6½ months red with white, attractive with much promise, lovely head shape & expression, made all the better with strength in muzzle & underjaw, good scissor bite, dark round eye, very good front & short compact body, topline good when moving, hindquarters developing nicely, shows herself very well & seems quite at ease with her handler. BPB;

2 Bowler’s Kyraloebis Feme Jadore at Trelynbow, b/br 7 month old, very much a baby, very feminine, pleasing head shape, nice expression, dark round eyes, correct bite, ear placement OK, true straight well boned front with good feet, short in body with level topline, good hindquarters, moved & handled very well;

3 Woolley’s Bethaleese Call Me Darla.

PB (5)

1 Marachowska & Marachowski’s Rubericla The Evil Inside at Passernomen, b/br/w nearly 12 months, good quality puppy, strong head without losing her femininity, deep stop clean lips & good depth in underjaw, correct bite, neatest of well placed ears, nice straight front with small tight well padded feet, well placed shoulders, level topline, good rear angulation with nice bend in stifle, stood foursquare, moved & handled very well;

2 Desmond’s Eletebull Elegance, 9 months b/br, similar in body to 1, right size for age coming along nicely, good head shape with darkest of eyes, deep skull strong in muzzle, clean lips, neat rose ears & correct bite, strong neck, straight well boned front with good feet, good width across chest, level topline, well ribbed & tucked up in the loins, enough angulation with well let down hocks, correct tailset, moved with purpose;

3 Freeman & Davies’ Samtan Razz Mattaz.

JB (8)

1 Birbeck’s Bellarouge Blithe Spirit, striking young r/w correct throughout, a real quality bitch who catches the eye, clean flowing lines & alertness, nice type of head with more to come, dark well placed eyes, neat rose ears, clean scissor bite, correct length of muzzle & ample underjaw, lovely straight front with good width & well off for bone, tight well padded feet, nice spring of rib, cracking topline held on the move, good angulation in rearquarters, well set tail carriage, carried correctly when moving, moved with ease, in first class condition, handled very well;

2 Asker’s Dazmarnic Kiss N Tell, r/w, lovely head & expression, neat well placed rose ears, correct bite & dark round eye, strong muzzle, ample underjaw, excellent straight front, strong pasterns, neat well padded tight feet, well bodied up, short coupled, level topline on the move & good angulation to her hindquarters, handled very well;

3 Knight’s Redrichstaff Amazing Grace.

YB (5)

1 Jackson’s Aus Ch Strongstorm Style Is Eternal at Jackabyte, b/br, strong headed bitch showing femininity, head of good proportions, ample breadth muzzle & adequate underjaw housing a correct bite, dark well positioned round eyes, neat rose, ears well set, well muscled neck, correct angulation in forequarters with ample bone, good well padded feet, good depth in brisket, well sprung rib, close coupled with well muscled hindquarters used well when on the move, handled well both ways;

2 Knight’s Redrichstaff Amazing Grace, r/w nicely put together, classic head shape with distinct stop, strong underjaw & ample breadth of muzzle, dark round eyes excelled in pigmentation, ears OK, true straight front, strong pasterns & neat feet, good topline, strong hindquarters, correct tail carriage, handled & moved well;

3 Gold’s Ashbull Ofee.

GB (5)

1 Parkers’ Nettleworth Not On Ya Nelly, well presented Standard sized b/br/w, strong but feminine head, good construction, dark eye, good bite, ears OK, true well boned straight front with good well padded feet, level topline on the move, nice bend in stifle, short coated & in great condition, moved & handled well;

2 Rowe & South’s Oscellsies Tiger Lilly at Simazyanya, b/br terrier-type, fair head shape, distinct stop, ears well placed, lighter eye than I would have liked, straight front, body shape quite nice with good bend in stifle, handled well;

3 Miller’s Skyland Tikka Boo.

PGB (9)

1 Robinson & Cox’s Jefmor Fire And Ice of Hamason, red with a white blaze, beautiful expression, true blend of bull & terrier, fits the Standard very well, dark round well set eyes, neat rose ears & correct bite, ample strength in underjaw, front wide with well boned legs, neat tight well padded feet & good pigmentation, deep brisket, good shoulders & short coupled, nicely put together in hindquarters, good parallel driving movement, showed & handled very well;

2 Hart’s Jazzygem Cherry Red Albermarbull, r/w in tip-top condition, lovely balanced & not overdone, clean outline with good expression, correct dentition & tidy rose ears, strong underjaw with ample breadth in muzzle, true front wide & well off for bone, neat well padded feet, deep brisket & well sprung ribs, short in coupling carrying a level topline when moving, good hindquarter angulation, ample bend of stifle, excellent movement, handled very well;

3 Kemp & James’ Bekanbar Shining Star.

LB (12)

1 Halifax’s Ch Seastaff Polar Force at Jackstaff, predominantly white with a red patch over 1 eye, a stunning example of the breed, certainly an eyecatcher, lovely head of correct proportions without exaggeration, correct bite, clean lipped, ample depth of underjaw, nicely set ear carriage complemented with dark well placed eyes, excellent well boned front leading to tidy well padded feet, nice spring of rib & well tucked up at the waist, short in body she carries a good level topline when moving & good hindquarter angulation, ample bend in stifle, moved & handled very well, in great condition. CC;

2 Martin’s Alvis Northern Lights, r/w, a very close decision between 1 & 2. Another fine example of our breed, stunning head shape with skull broad & deep, lovely expression, good stop & depth to underjaw, well placed rose ears, darkest of round eyes, big white canines, correct bite also very tight lipped, good straight front with well boned legs, neat well padded feet, deep brisket & well defined ribs, carries a straight topline when moving is close coupled with defined hindquarters with good bend in stifle, in excellent condition, a credit to the owner, handled & moved very well. RCC;

3 Harvey’s Kyraloebis Sweetest Tabo.

OB (9)

1 Hurst & Bibby’s Taraiel Ciara, stunning bitch, very compact b/br well balanced, super head shape with correct ratio of muzzle to skull, distinct stop, very clean lipped, strong underjaw & right amount of breadth to muzzle, darkest of eyes complemented with neat rose ears which she uses to advantage to give a lovely expression, well boned true front, tight well padded feet with black pigmentation, strong pasterns, well muscled compact body, deep in brisket carrying a level topline with well angulated stifles, in superb condition, moved & handled very well;

2 Davies’ Ch Sebsonic Shinealight at Stormbull, quality b/br, lovely skull shape & keen expression, neatest of ears worked to advantage, dark round eyes, clean mouth with strong underjaw, straight well boned front, tidy well padded feet, good depth to brisket & fine spring of rib, level topline, defined muscular hindquarters with well let down hocks & good bend in stifle, moved & handled very well;

3 Funnell’s Kewaunee Pocahontas for Powerpack.


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