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Scottish National Terrier 22 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

National Terrier 22 Judge





Judge: Mrs C A Rutherford

BEST OF BREED : 874 KELLY, Mrs Maureen Ch Carseview Mr Goodfella
Dog CC : 874 KELLY, Mrs Maureen Ch Carseview Mr Goodfella
Res Dog CC : 860 COLEY, Mrs J Kingsview Just Jordan
Bitch CC : 876 KENNY MARRIOTT, Mrs A & MARRIOTT, Mr J Millingford Rosetta
Best Puppy : 869 HOARE, Mrs Kirsty Divadell Who's Next at Glenaffric


My thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show and to everyone for the hard work involved in making this such a successful show after being away from showing for such a long time due to restrictions with the pandemic. A special big thank you goes to my very competent stewards, Mr Dave Lee and Ms Angela Cooke for their help. Unfortunately this Covid period has produced some very head shy puppies and adolescents which I have never encounted before and can only place the blame on no dog training and ringcraft clubs being open. Please if this applies to your dog, take him to training classes to ensure this is overcome. A head shy dog should be discouraged. Thank you all competitors for giving me such a lovely entry and accepting my decisions with such grace.

Sp Triers

1 Greenwood’s Petmon Royal Ruffian. This raw black brindle young man just over 6 months with a lovely head already of some length and lovely to go over, waiting for his coat to come in so was wearing his underwear today. I look forward to watching his development.

2 McCraken’s Our Black Jack For Amawyn. Black dog with keen expression and head. Nice to go over but would prefer shorter back, good coat and texture. Movement ok.

3 McNiven’s Frazandmitch Top Of The Game.


1 Greenwood’s Petmon Royal Ruffian. 2 McNiven’s Frazandmitch Top Of The Game. Another young black/brindle baby with time on his side. Head properties ok but once again longer cast than I would like. Moved ok. Lovely to see new exhibitors who are doing well.


1 Gerard & McCrae’s Divadell’s Kicking Bear. Black/brindle. Another youngster who seems to be settling down well. Nice to go over, lovely head with good dentition, deep eye and used ears well, good substance and bone, needs time to mature but has correct tail set, but movement wasn’t helped by his nose being on the ground all the time. Later in Puppy Group he moved lovely. BP.

2 Harrison-Brown & Norton’s Dividell Who’s The Man. Black boy who, once again, needs time to mature. Nice head, ear set and dentition with ok tail set, but feel a little narrow throughout. Presented well.


1 Tyler & Chapman’s Berrybreeze Spirit Master. Lovely black boy who was a pleasure to go over. Super clean head with deep set almond eyes and good ear set. Excellent dentition but reluctant for me to look at. Would prefer deeper chest but this may come with time. Tail had good placement and used well. Reluctant to move at first but with some encouragement he went well.

2 Gerard & McCrea’s Dividell’s Kicking Bear.


1 Skudder’s Honeypaws Sweet Talking Guy. Well presented black dog in super coat and condition, excellent front with bone and substance. Clean head with deep set almond eyes, well placed neat ears which he used, good shoulder placement, level topline on move and tail bang on top. Moved well both coming and going.

2 Weall’s Wringtonbell Born To Rock. Masculine black, well balanced and sound. Spring of ribs to die for and low to ground, correct tail placement and well presented. Unfortunately this young man was very reluctant for me to see his mouth or touch him around head.

3 Chapman & Lidgett’s Berrybrezeze Magical Spirit.


1 Coley’s Kingsview Just Jordan. Black dog of quality and lots of excellent attributes Would perhaps like a little more head but had great front, low to ground short in back and tail bang on top, excellent presentation. Moved around the ring like he owned it and more than delighted to award him RCC.

2 MacCracken’s Our Black Jack For Amawyn.


1 Kelly’s Ch Carseview Mr Goodfella. Beautiful brindle masculine dog with super outline who demands your attention as soon as he comes into the ring. Clean head with deep set feisty eyes. Good bone and substance, excellent shoulder placement, short coupled and tail bang on top, held level top line when on the move. Wonderful harsh coat and presented to perfection as always by this kennel. Delighted to award him CC & BOB.

2 Chapman & Bradley’s Bruik’s Super Hero By Berrybreeze. Lots to like in this black boy, nice head but would prefer better ear placement and he was reluctant to use them but he has a wonderful deep chest and spring of rib. Good tail placement. Beautifully presented.


1 Hovagimyan’s Ch Verascott Jumpin Jack Flash. This 8 year old gentleman who comes from this great kennel is another lovely black dog. Masculine and of excellent type and bone and body properties. Short coupled and moved with drive and purpose.


1 Greenwood’s Petmon Royal Gift. Delightful little miss who is litter sister to Minor Puppy Dog. Very attractive puppy with lovely feminine head with a twinkle in her eye, correct dentition, good run in of shoulder, tail bang on top and good on the move. These two puppies should have a good future once they mature.

2 Beckton & Bouwhuis’ Glengracie Fat Bottom Gal. Another beautiful little lady who I found very pleasing in all aspects - could change places any time, just preferred head of first but another to watch out for when she matures.

3 Skudder & Caley’s Lucky Star’s Boom Shake The Room.


1 Hoare’s Dividell’s Who’s Next At Glenaffric. A pretty puppy with lovely feminine head and lots to like about her. A little upright, short in back and low to ground, in good coat and skirt will come eventually. BP.

2 Davies’ Charillymae Funshine Jovi. This little black bitch has a lovely feminine face, but I would prefer a shorter back and better tail placement, but she walked ok.


1 Knight’s Russalan Martha Rosa. A lot to like about this little girl. Lovely feminine head with deep dark almond well set eyes, good dentition, good ear placement, good bone and substance, and beautifully presented. Moved well forward and aft.

2 Mackay & Kirk-Gellatly’s Whitwitch No Mercy. Could have easily swapped places with first. She’s lovely to go over and had all the right attributes. Tail bang on top and excellent movement both forward and back. Lovely coat and condition. Just preferred ear set of first. Look forward to watching these two little ladies in the future.

3 Hovagimyan’s Verascott Rose Garden.


The strongest class of the show!! I was delighted to have some quality bitches for me to go over and I’m sorry I had to disappoint some very good bitches.

1 Kenny-Marriott & Marriott’s Millingford Rosetta. Another who caught your attention as soon as she came in the ring. Beautiful black bitch with everything going for her. Lovely to handle, very feminine head, clean and balanced. Correct run-in of shoulder, quality, with ribs slung well between her front, short coupled with strong loins, well angulated hindquarters helping her to move around the ring with determination and ease. Topline held on move. Tail bang on top and carried well. In excellent harsh coat and delighted to award her CC & BOS.

2 Redfern’s Eimahan’s Lelap Of Faith. Another lovely black bitch to go over, again so feminine with such expression with clean balanced head and lovely neat ears which she used. Excellent dentition. Good run in to a lovely front, level topline and good set on of tail, powerful hindquarters which was shown in her movement. Harsh coat which I felt could have had a little more taken off to improve her outline even more.

3 Lockwood’s Filisite Brash Living Miracle At Lochgems.


1 Maidment & Maidment’s Berrybreeze Quintadacious For Spinakers. What a pretty picture these two make. Beautiful black feminine bitch who is lovely to go over. Clean head and good expression, correct dentition, neat ears but a little lazy to use them today, enough rib but would like a little shorter length of loin. Good rear angulation, excellent movement from this very showy bitch. Beautifully presented.

2 Knight & Poolton’s Orrscot Mod De Baliol. Black bitch who has a lot going for her. Neat head with good eye, and neat ears. Excellent body proportions and moves with drive and determination. Strong harsh coat. Well presented.

3 Becquet & Darby’s Minorlines Royal Imperial Becscot.


1 Hovagimyan’s Ch Verascott Queen Pearl. This beautiful black bitch is another of quality with good length of head with deep almond eye and lovely expression, and neat ears. Wonderful front with good width, which unfortunately is lacking in some. Correct lay of shoulders. Deep body and good spring of rib. Good bone and substance muscular quarters and moved and showed well. In good coat and condition. A worthy RCC.

2 Maidment & Maidment’s Quaint Sabayon. Another quality black bitch with lots to like about her, and I did. She was lovely to go over excellent head and body properties. All of the attributes of first and could easily have changed places but just preferred the front of first. She is beautifully presented as always from this kennel, and this young lady who owns and handles here is a big asset to the breed.


1 Hovagimyan’s Ch & Multi Ch Verascott Juicy Couture. This 8 year young quality bitch is one I’ve had the pleasure of judging before and she is still in tiptop condition. Super bone, beautifully short in back, wonderland depth of body, well boned and substance. Moved so well holding topline and with drive and style and happy to award


2 Broome’s Liroda Midnight Kiss At Evingbriar. Another lovely younger lady of 7 years, in great coat and condition. She was a delight to go over with great bone and substance, sound throughout just was a little longer in loin than first. Moved and showed so well for her handler, who once again is a great asset to the Scottie world.

Mrs Carol Rutherford

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