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Scottish Crufts 22 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Crufts 22 Judge




Scottish Terrier - Judge: Miss E J Bradley

Best of Breed Fi/dk Ch Quaint Sherry Perry Euw 2019, Dkw-21, Fiw-21 (Mr R Portala)
Dog Challenge Certificate Int/fi/se/dk/ee Ch Quaint Quincent Nordw-15 Ww-17 Nordw-17 Ww-18 Nordvw-21 (Ms A Tuuliniemi)
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate Fi/dk Ch Quaint Theofilo Nordw-21 Hew-21 Fiw-21 Dkw-21 (Ms A Tuuliniemi)
Bitch Challenge Certificate Fi/dk Ch Quaint Sherry Perry Euw 2019, Dkw-21, Fiw-21 (Mr R Portala)
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate Quaint Sabayon Fin Imp (Mrs L & Miss B Maidment)
Best Puppy Russalan Martha Rosa (Miss S A & Mr P D Knight & Poolton)
Best Veteran Int/fi/se/dk/ee Ch Quaint Quincent Nordw-15 Ww-17 Nordw-17 Ww-18 Nordvw-21 (Ms A Tuuliniemi)


My thanks go to the Kennel Club, for my invitation to judge and for their efficient organisation and re-organisation throughout the last 2 years of disruption for everyone. I would also like to thank my lovely stewards who kept the day itself moving smoothly for me. My overall and general opinion of the dogs on the day could run into pages so in brief my positives would firstly applaud; excellent temperaments, body and coat condition, excellent eye colour and shape and smart presentation. Also in general good round bone, deep well slung bodies, short coupling and good tail sets. On the not so positive, the most common concern for me was a lack of length in the upper arm, throwing out balance and a smooth and free movement, this together with a lack of brisket and so correct layback of shoulder produces a shorter choppier front movement with some lifting and not reaching in the front legs. Many, youngsters in particular, lacked a deep thigh and well bent stifle again reducing the length of stride and so power from the hindquarters. Other general points to watch would be a lack of strength in muzzle and so a loss of a wide, clean, scissor bite ,some overcrowding and a number verging on an even bite. So to my main winners who are wonderful examples of correct breed type and an embodiment of the breed standard and I congratulate the breeder on this outstanding achievement for his kennel. What a wonderful class to start the day with three top quality Veterans.

VD (5 2)

1 Tuuliniemi’s Int/Fi/Dk/Ee Ch Quaint Quincent. Masculine, black dog with super bone and substance. So sound and well balanced throughout with a wonderful length of head, correct expression and neat ear carriage. Excellent layback of shoulder into deep well ribbed body, level topline, deep bend of stifle, powerful hindquarters and correct tailset to give a picture of pure quality and type. Handled impeccably he moved with effortless drive and I was delighted to award him the CC and BV.

2 Hovagimyan’s Bel/Lux/VDH/KFT/Swiss/Gib/Cr/Sp/Int Ch Verascott Jumpin Jack Flash. Another outstanding masculine black male of excellent quality and type, excellent bone and body properties, powerful hindquarters with wonderful driving movement, just preferring the overall balance of first.

3 Marcinekova’s Cze/Sk/Rom Grand Ch Eshley. Another super masculine boy, wheaten, so sound in construction, excellent coat, perhaps not quite as animated on the move as above.

PD (5)

Overall a disappointing class of youngsters following such a super veteran class.

1 McCrae’s Divadell’s Kicking Bear. A very raw baby in novice hands but within the excitement and bouncing fun I found excellent bone, sound construction, a super expression and correct tailset, certainly promising.

2 Ashworth’s Russalan Crimson Coburn. Not as low to ground as first and lacking in width all through, nice coat and condition, correct bite, a little plain in expression but well schooled and moved out steadily.

3 Norton & Harrison Brown’s Divadell Who’s That Man. Again would prefer lower to ground and more width all through. Needing time to body up but a smart picture showing well.

JD (1)

1 Boyce & Cockayne’s Trakside Gabriel Oak. On his own today but could compete with the best. Super brindle coat and in great condition. Barely out of puppy he showed with great confidence and style. Excellent construction all through, sound, super bone and body, well balanced, deep and low, great angulation in front and hindquarters which he showed off in his lovely driving movement. Excellent head and expression, great showman, one to watch.

PGD (6, 1)

1 Weall’s Wringtonbell Born To Rock. Super young black in wonderful coat and condition. Lovely head and expression, well balanced and sound in both front and hindquarters which powered him around with drive. Lovely type just flying his tail a little which lengthens his overall balance on the move.

2 Skudder’s Honeypaws Sweet Taking Guy. Another lovely youngster, black, in super coat and condition. Well presented and nicely balanced throughout. Attractive head and expression, just needing a little more bend of stifle which would open out his drive on the move.

3 McGlennon’s Divadell Harvest Moon. A super brindle boy, well balanced and correct to handle, just not quite the overall soundness on the move as above.

LD (3)

1 Coley’s Kingsview Just Jordan. Very smartly presented black, short backed, cobby and low slung. Nicely balanced, great tailset, ear carriage and bite. Perhaps would prefer a little more length of head, showed off his qualities with style.

2 McCracken’s Our Black Jack For Amawyn. Longer caste than first and a little more upright but well bodied and excelled in head and expression. Good coat and condition.

3 Wilcock & Hebditch’s Millingford King Of Hearts. Not the quality of first with some lack of soundness in the forequarters but correct in type, good bone and body properties with very attractive head and expression. Showed well.

OD (12, 2)

1 Tuuliniemi’s Fi/Dk Ch Quaint Theofilo. I have written “Wow” in my notes. Super, balanced, masculine youngster in great coat and condition. Excellent head and expression, so well balanced with a wonderful outline which he held on the move. Excelling in movement with such drive powering from the big wide hindquarters with such ease, a wonderful example of correct movement in a Scottish Terrier. RCC.

2 Harnasz’s Mont Ch Marris Effect. More compact than first but still beautifully balanced and well constructed. A quality dog and a super showman in great form, lovely coat and condition, covering the ground well and moving with style.

3 Looren De Jong’s Multi Ch Royal Flash Z Ksiezopola. Super brindle boy in lovely coat and condition, excelling in his conformation and movement, great presentation and handling and deserving of his third place in a very strong class.

GCD (2)

Both of these boys hold the bronze award with first shortly to take his silver. Both deserving but first a little more outgoing today.

1 Allsopp’s Magic Murry. 2 McCracken’s Our Black Jack For Arnwyn.

VB (3)

1 Hovagimyan’s Ch/Multi Ch Verascott Juicy Couture. Quality bitch In such lovely condition, super bone and substance so well balanced with level topline and great outline. Moved and showed with style and drive.

2 Broome’s Liroda Midnight Kiss At Evingbriar. Another lovely bitch in great coat and condition, well boned and sound throughout, moving and showing well for her handler. Not quite the same powering hindquarters as first.

3 Hasselby’s Dk/Nord/Int Ch Black Thistle Mary Bennet. A very feminine bitch with super head and expression. A little more upright in front than above and narrower all through but in lovely condition showing well.

PB (3)

1 Knight & Poolton’s Russalan Martha Rosa. What a pretty puppy girl, well presented in lovely condition. Good bone and substance, would prefer more width in fore quarters. A little erratic on the move but lovely drive when she settled. BP.

2 Hoare’s Divadell Who’s Next At Glenaffric. Another pretty puppy girl in lovely condition, not the soundness in construction as first and more upright in front and rear. Moved out steadily and showed so well for her handler.

3 Norton & McGlennon’s Divadell Who’s That Girl. A very sweet feminine puppy, still very raw and unsure but sound needing time to grow into herself. Both second and third may benefit from some tail trimming advice.

JB (8, 2)

1 Pinto & Whitehead’s Berrybreeze Spirit Guide At McKalay. Very classy, showy youngster, so sound, so feminine. Still immature in body and coat but such lovely balance and drive on the move, one to watch.

2 Mackay & Kirk Gellatly’s Whitwitch No Mercy. Another sound youngster in lovely condition. Super front but not quite the rear angulation as first and so not able to drive out so powerfully. Showed beautifully for her young handler.

3 Looren De Jong’s The Flying Dutch Julia Stegner. Pretty brindle, Feminine youngster, well balanced but would prefer more layback in forequarters and so more reach on the move but showed well.

PGB (9)

1 Cole’s Berrybreeze Quintessa. Such a beautiful young black bitch, super head and expression, so feminine, sound and balanced, in perfect condition. Excelled in movement, showing an effortless drive from the rear, reaching and covering the ground with ease. A super picture, just pipped for the RCC when not quite handled to advantage in the challenge.

2 Jaroslav Strnad’s Paige Hannah Moravia. Another super feminine young lady, such a pretty brindle in lovely coat and condition. She excelled in her balance throughout, moving well, just would prefer more bone and substance for higher honours but a quality bitch.

3 Broome’s Evingbriar Scotch Thistle. A more substantial black in supercoat and condition, sound throughout, short backed and cobby, showed well.

LB (11, 3)

1 Smit-Kamerbeek’s Lucia’s Dream. So stylish. Super brindle, very attractive, feminine bitch, well balanced throughout and a joy to handle. In lovely condition, she showed and moved beautifully.

2 Kirk Gellatly’s Millingford Stargazer. Another quality feminine bitch, a little more substance than first and excellent in forequarters. Would just prefer a little more rear angulation to show off her driving movement but moved and showed well.

3 Hovagimyan. A lively youngster in great form, well bodied with good bone and substance, a little erratic on the move but in lovely condition and showed well, would just prefer a greater angulation in hindquarters.

OB (14, 3)

1 Portala’s Fi/Dk Ch Quaint Sherry Perry. Well fabulous, just fabulous! An outstanding quality bitch in peak condition. Super head and expression, correct bite, perfect length and strength of neck running into well layed shoulders, tight elbows, deep wide front, excellent bone and body properties. Short coupled with level topline, deep loin to big powerful hindquarters excelling on the move. Her tail set held throughout to give the very best outline. She owned the ring and so I was delighted to award her the CC and BOB and to see her shortlisted in the group.

2 Maidment’s Quaint Sabayon. Another lovely bitch in lovely condition, excellent bone and substance, head and expression, so sound all through. I would remark that since my last viewing of her she has dropped and matured, notably giving her a much more typical and quality outline. showed so well but not the same drive and star quality as first in performance but I was happy to award her the RCC.

3 Juncosa Prat’s Esp Ch Rita De Treysas At Vallserena. What an attractive wheaten bitch, in super coat and condition. Her balance was key, holding her top line and moving so soundly, if sometimes stubbornly, coming and going. Would prefer a little more length of head but super expression and such a feminine and stylish girl.

E. J. Bradley

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