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Scottish Birmingham National 22 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 22 Judge





Judge: Mr Frank Kane

BEST OF BREED : 5027 RUTHERFORD, Mrs C A & WILLIS, Mrs C Ch Carisco Follow Your Dreams
Dog CC : 5027 RUTHERFORD, Mrs C A & WILLIS, Mrs C Ch Carisco Follow Your Dreams
Res Dog CC : 4991 BOYCE, Mrs E & COCKAYNE, Mr S Trakside Gabriel Oak
Bitch CC : 5024 PINTO, Miss Anna & WHITEHEAD, Miss Fiona Berrybreeze Quintella at McKalay
Res Bitch CC : 5008 KELLY, Mrs Maureen & KELLY, Mr Willie Carseview Gangsters Moll
Best Puppy : 5023 NORTON, Mrs Victoria Rose Divadell's Charging Bear
Best Veteran : 4992 BROOME, Miss ALISON Liroda Midnight Kiss At Evingbriar
Best Special Beginner : 5019 MCCRACKEN, mrs Amanda Elizabeth Our Black Jack For Amawyn


Thank you for an interesting an enjoyable entry. There was more dept of quality in the bitches, especially the open class and it was a good line up for the challenge. Many thanks to my hardworking stewards Jill Sims and Sarah Portlock

SBD (2, 1)

1 McCacken Our Black Jack For Amawyn 6 years, substantial masculine dog who has good length to head, flat skull and good eye. Straight sturdy front legs. A little long in couplings which shows in his topline on the move. Jaunty mover. Good coat.

PD (4)

1 Norton Divadell’s Charging Bear easy winner of this class for type and quality for 10 months this brindle dog has excellent rib and chest, good topline and a quality head. Excellent coat and well presented. Carried himself with self-importance.

2 Mccrae Divadell’s Kicking Bear 10 months low slung dog who is short back but needs more body. Good length of head. Needs to fill out generally and some schooling should help.

3 Knight Divadell’s Standing Bear

JD (4)

1 Boyce & Cockayne Trakside Gabriel Oak 14 months brindle, lovely prospect and takes the eye immediately for his outline. Short backed, good length of neck, long head, excellent front legs and good shoulder which gives him very good front action. Excellent quarters. He needs to fill out in rib and chest now. Excellent mover full of attitude with good topline. Super presentation. His movement and topline took him to RCC.

2 Knight Divadell’s Standing Bear 10 months third in the puppy class and won this place on rib, topline and tailset. I’d prefer more refinement in skull and he can tighten up in front.

3 Ashworth Russalan Crimson Coburn

YD (1)

1 Skudder Honeypaws Sweet Talking Guy 23 months has quality and type in his low-slung body, good bone and spring of ribs. Clean masculine head with strong muzzle and jaw. Wide quarters which he uses well. Can firm up in topline and tighten a little in front. Good coat.

PGD (2)

1 Chapman & Lidgett Berrybreeze Magical Spirit 18 months typy, low-slung dog who needs to fill out in chest and body. Good mover and holds a strong topline. Refined head with good eye shape and colour. Carried himself well.

2 Allsopp Magic Murry 2-year-old, leggy dog who needs to fill out to make him look more compact. Long head. Needs a little more confidence in being handled, happier on the floor.

LD (2)

1 Coley Kingsview Just Jordan 19 months good bodied dog with excellent chest and ribbing carried well back. Tailset could be better. Masculine head which could be cleaner in cheeks. Excellent coat. Good quarters. Pressed hard for the RCC.

2 McCracken Our Black Jack For Amawyn repeat

OD (3)

1 Rutherford & Willis Ch Carisco Follow Your Dreams 5-year-old quality dog with substance. Excellent rib and a good rear. I liked his head and expression and good eye. Carried himself well, handler could get more out of him but a comfortable CC and his natural showmanship took him to BOB.

2 Kelly & Kelly Ch Crisco Carseview Mr Goodfella 4 years brindle dog a little longer cast. Masculine head, good coat and tail carriage. Not the head quality of the winner. Front action could be better. Very showy.

3 Chapman & Bradley Brueik’s Super Hero by Berrybreeze

SBB (3, 2)

1 Davies Charlilymae Funshine Jovi 9 months promising puppy with good ribcage and clean feminine head with good strength to it. She needs to fill out in chest and can drop in her quarters. Moved jauntily and soundly.

MPB (2)

1 Skudder & Caley Lucky Star’s Boom Shake the Room 8 months raw baby who looks a little long and narrow at the movement. Excellent head and ears and eye. Good forechest but she needs more rib and body. Good rear action. Lovely temperament.

PB (2)

1 Hoare Divadell Who’s Next at Glenaffric 11 months feminine brindle with very good forehand, including straight strong bone and good length of head. She can let down in rear at the movement which shows in her topline. Jaunty mover full of confidence.

2 Davies Charlilymae Funshine Jovi repeat.

JB (2)

1 Knight and Poolton Russalan Martha Rosa 14 months lovely bodied bitch, good to go over for rib, chest and couplings. Strong but still feminine head. Excellent quarters. Handler could get more out of her on the move but I liked her a lot.

2 Pinto & Whitehead Berrybreeze Spirit Guide at Mckalay 18 months I liked the beautiful head and lowness to the ground of this bitch but she needs time to fill out and body up. Stylish on the move and carries herself well. Not the rear angulation of winner who scored in her substance and finish.

YB (6, 4)

1 Marriott Millingford Rosetta top quality 19 months bitch full of type in her substantially strong boned body, excellent length and strength to head, great quarters. Really strode out well. A little tight in her tail carriage but loved so much about her. Combines substance with femininity and a great attitude. Pressed hard in the challenge where she made last 3.

2 Willis & Rutherford Carisco Equinox 18 months smaller bitch with quality head and eye. Good coat and tailset and quarters. A little loose in front action. Needs time for body and finish in chest, which shows in her front action but she should finish a lovely bitch. Super temperament.

PGB (3, 1)

1 Mitchell Queen of Queens Nice N Spice at Frazandmitch 2 years, quality low to ground bitch with very good front and straight legs. Feminine head, good substance for her size. Good to go over on the table but being a typical stubborn Scottie on the move but in glimpses of fluent movement I could see her good front action and wide rear. Tailset could be higher.

LB (3) 2

very good bitches here.

1 Maidment Berrybreeze Quintadacious for Spinakers 3 years, feminine, low to ground bitch running up in topline and front action. Long feminine head, good rib, excellent tailset and carriage. Excellent coat. Head her outline on the move.

2 Kirk-Gellatly Millingford Stargazer 4 years stronger bitch full of character. I liked her bone and substance. Not quite the topline or tailset of winner. Long head which retains femininity. Close decision.

3 Knight and Poolton Orrscot Mod De Baliol

OB (8, 2) 1 Pinto & Whitehead Berrybreeze Quintella at Mckalay Beautiful, long, clean head and good eye and ears, very good rib and substance and went soundly. She could be more animated on the move. However, I loved her for type and quality, and this took her to the head of the class and to the bitch CC which made her up. For best of breed, I felt the dog had the natural showmanship and carriage to win BOB and represent the breed in the group.

2 Kelly Carseview Gangsters Moll from head to tail, all Scottie and a super head. 4-year-old brindle, a real showgirl where she scored over the winner, but I preferred the winners slightly more compact body and tailset. Long, quality head, neat well-placed ears. Good mover. Presented in great coat. RCC over the lovely yearling bitch three top quality bitches.

3 Maidment Quaint Sabayon

VB (1)

1 Broome Liroda Midnight Kiss at Evingbriar 7 years. In great form, full of spirit. Long clean head, good rib and quarters. Could be a touch lower to ground but full of quality.

Frank Kane





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