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Airedale Welsh KC 17 Judge's Critique

Airedale Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Welsh KC 17 Judge



Judge: Miss A Bradley

BEST OF BREED : 4533 IWAHASHI, Mr T & KANAYA Ms T Int Ch Rockridge Jp I Can't Stop Lovin You
Dog CC : 4534 JACKSON, Mrs O K & SWASH Mrs M Jokyl Truly Noble
Res Dog CC : 4535 JACKSON, Mrs O K & SWASH Mrs M Ch Jokyl Wish List
Bitch CC : 4533 IWAHASHI, Mr T & KANAYA Ms T Int Ch Rockridge Jp I Can't Stop Lovin You
Res Bitch CC : 4529 HAMPTON, Miss D & HALL Miss T K Muliebrity Harmony JW
Best Puppy : 4553 VICKERS Ms J Jazzman The Great At Eskwyre
Best Veteran :


Thank you WKC for the opportunity to award CCs for the first time in Airedales and to the exhibitors for a lovely entry and support. Perhaps I could make some observations, in that coat and movement appears to be an issue, also eyes. Whilst a small, unexpressive eye is undesirable, a number were rather bold, which spoils expression. Considering the work involved, presentation of exhibits was of a high standard.

PD (1)

1 Vickers' Jazzman The Great At Eskwyre. At 10 mths of age, coped well with the noisy hall, pleasing head, well placed ears and moderately small dark eye, has fair length of neck, straight front, short back, good depth of chest for age, tail set good, moved with drive. BP.

PGD (3, 1)

1 Perry's Jaymitch Dawn's Good Guy. Has good length of head, fair in ear carriage, moderate length in neck, firm back line, sound in rear action, front a little untidy.

2 Brennan's Buddonwood Black Jack. Elegant type, needing more substance and rather unsettled today, has an excellent coat and good set on.

LD (5)

1 Jackson & Swash's Jokyl Truly Noble. Upstanding dog, strongly made head but not coarse, well made up under eyes, has well set and used ears giving typical expression, scored in neck and topline, short level back, muscular loins, well sprung rib with ample chest, set on and tail carriage excellent. Pleased to award him a third CC.

2 Webber's Sherifs Red Hot ShCM. A short coupled dog with balanced head, not using ears to advantage today. Has enough neck to strong body, deep chest, good spring of rib.

3 Toulson's Toulsyork Levity Lester.

OD (5, 1)

1 Jackson & Swash's Ch Jokyl Wish List. An elegant dog with a good clean head, strong in jaw, has moderate size dark eyes, well placed ears of correct size, muscular neck, straight front, short back, well sprung ribs, has well made quarters, hocks well let down, moved well on good legs and feet, tail set good. A close decision for CC. In the challenge was a little unsettled due to a change of handler. RCC.

2 Morris' Nedella Black Opal. This dog has the true power and substance of the breed. Possesses a balanced head of good length with ample strength of foreface, a little more movement in ears would add to expression, neck muscular of fair length, body short, level back, muscular loins, deep chest, has good set on.

MPB (2, 1)

1 Toulson's Toulsyork Nafarious. 6 mths pup, clean head of good length, dark eye, fair length of neck, good development of chest, firm back line, good set on.

PB (4, 1)

1 Hampton & Hall's Muliebrity Enchanted Bay. The noisy hall was causing some exhibits to be unsettled, but this youngster took it all in her stride, has a long head which at present is rather fine, but has time for development, has a straight front, clean shoulders, short back and good set on.

2 Burkin's Saredon Gretal At Raffinato. Head of good length, dark eye, moderate length of neck, short coupled body, tail a little low set, moved ok.

3 Collins' Colldale Ring Of Fire.

JB (4)

1 Turner's Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby. A lovely head with strength without coarseness, pleasing eye, well placed and used ears, good in neck, straight front, short, strong back, good spring of rib, ample depth of chest, has excellent bone and feet, muscular quarters, moved with drive, unfortunately rather loose in front today.

2 Jackson & Swash's Jokyl Red Letter Day. Not the maturity of above, has a long clean head with well placed ears, eye a little bold, has a short back with good set on, needs to tighten in movement.

3 Hacker & Jenkins' Crillee What A Carry On At Sherifs.

PGB (4, 2)

1 Simpson-Jones' Nedella Amasing Grace. Balanced head with good strength of foreface, well placed ears and dark eye, short coupled with deep chest, positive in rear movement, a little untidy in front.

2 Johnston's Oldiron Voodoo At Bravados. Small bitch but with enough bone, balanced head, short, compact body with good depth of chest and well sprung rib, impressed in rear movement.

LB (6)

1 Edington-Hall's Wendaire Kissed By An Angel JW. A quality bitch with ample bone and substance. Possesses a head of strength with well placed and used ears, has muscular neck of moderate length, clean shoulders, well made short body, strong backline, has ample depth of chest, muscular quarters, hocks well let down, has good set on and tail carriage, moved freely.

2 Turner's Jokyl Star Struck. Good length of head with dark eye, well placed ears, has good bone, legs and feet, ample depth of chest, well sprung rib, short back, rather loose in front movement today.

3 Collins' Colldale Adventuress Girl.

OB (5, 1)

1 Iwahashi & Kanaya's Int Ch Rockridge Jp I Can't Stop Lovin You. Scored in bone and substance, balanced head with enough strength, yet feminine, has well placed ears which, once accustomed to the noisy hall, were used to advantage, neck strong and muscular, straight front, clean shoulders, short body, level back, plenty of depth, good spring of rib, in excellent harsh coat., CC and BOB.

2 Hampton & Hall's Muliebrity Harmony JW. Neat, feminine bitch, has clean head of good length, dark eye and well placed ears, pleasing front forelegs straight, would just like to see a little more bone, has a short, level back, muscular loins, moved with purpose. RCC.

3 Morris' Nedella Cleopatra.

Judge Miss Ann Bradley

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