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Airedale SKC May 17 Judge's Critique

Airedale Terrier

KC Breed Standard

SKC May 17 Judge





Judge: Mrs S Kealy

BEST OF BREED : 5990 IWAHASHI, Mr T & KANAYA Ms T Int Ch Rockridge Jp I Can't Stop Lovin You
Dog CC : 5986 GREGG Mr & Mrs R & M Ir Ch Bambusa Noble Dynasty
Res Dog CC : 5977 COLLINS Mr B P Colldale Son Of Adventurer
Bitch CC : 5990 IWAHASHI, Mr T & KANAYA Ms T Int Ch Rockridge Jp I Can't Stop Lovin You
Res Bitch CC : 5982 FERNANDEZ, Mr M F & PURNELL Mr C J Ch Jokyl Gold Star JW
Best Puppy : 5996 MILLER Mr G C & Mrs C E Lakeaire Carnival In Rio
Best Veteran : 5975 CLARKE Mr R Muliebrity Crowning Glory Sh.CM


It was a great pleasure to judge an entry of quality Airedale Terriers at SKC, thanks to the Committee for inviting me.

PD (2, 1)

1 Miller's Lakeaire Carnival In Rio. Promising puppy, nice head, good flat skull, dark eye, good neck and shoulders, good body, very good coat, striding out well. Best Puppy.

JD (4, 1)

1 Collins' Colldale The Outlaw. Tall dog, flat skull, good eye, excellent bite, nice neck, level topline, good tail set, excellent coat, very good bend of stifle and well let down hocks, moved better than second.

2 Brennan's Buddonwood Black Jack. Nice body, short and well ribbed up, deep chest, broader skull with bigger eye than first.

3 Moore's Jokyl True Grit At Arngask.

PGD (1)

1 Moore's Jokyl True Grit At Arngask. Nice eye and good bite, good body, excellent coat and colour, front pasterns need to firm up.

LD (7)

1 Toulson's Toulsyork Levity Lester. Very masculine and showy, flat skull, well placed and well used ears giving good expression. Stands well with good outline and balance.

2 Ablard's Katherina's Land Vip Lover. Very well balanced and short backed dog, nice level topline, good coat, just preferred head and expression of first.

3 Webber's Sherifs Red Hot ShCM.

OD (6)

1 Gregg's Ir Ch Bambusa Noble Dynasty. Very well balanced, good masculine expression, firm level topline, strong bone, good feet and well angulated rear, moved and handled well. CC & Res BOB.

2 Collins' Colldale Son Of Adventurer. Another well balanced dog, good head and eye, strong well made hindquarters, excellent coat, very well presented, front movement not as positive as first. Res CC.

3 Morris' Nedella Black Opal.

PB (4)

1 Oates' Stabucks Koko. Very feminine with lovely head and expression, good bite, nice neck leading into good topline, good tail set, good feet, nice coat and colour.

2 Shaw & Pugh's Lakeaire Ooh La La. Pretty feminine puppy, very good topline and tailset, nice body, happy mover.

3 Burkin's Saredon Gretal At Raffinato.

JB (4, 1)

1 Purchon's Jokyl True Romance At Ellwoodkings. Very good head and expression, nice layback of shoulder leading into good topline, well held tail.

2 Brennan's Buddonwood Aniseed Twist. Pleasant bitch, head planes not parallel, very good coat, moved well.

PGB (2)

1 Mitchell & McColl's Storm In A Teacup Lady Lola. Nice flat skull, good eye, needs a better jacket.

2 Johnston's Oldiron Voodoo At Bravados. Pretty bitch, skull not flat, good legs and feet, not giving her best.

LB (4)

1 Collins' Colldale Adventuress Girl. Well balanced, very pretty head and expression, nice front, straight legs with good feet, good topline and tailset.

2 Morris' Nedella Flame Opal. Upstanding bitch with very good neck and shoulder, good quarters, preferred head of first.

3 Webber's Jokyl Stars In Her Eyes ShCM.

OB (8, 5)

1 Wahashi & Kanaya's Int Ch Rockridge Jp I Can't Stop Lovin You. Winner of a lovely class of quality bitches, all parts of her are very well balanced, from her very good head, with parallel planes, dark expressive eyes, excellent front, strong firm topline with good tailset to her strong hindquarters. Well up on her toes, presented to perfection. Delighted to award her CC & BOB.

2 Fernandez & Purnell's Jokyl Gold Star JW. Very close up. Beautifully balanced, excellent breed type, nice size and good substance, good head with keen expression, level topline and tail well set, 1 just had the edge in hind action. Res CC.

3rd: GRAHAM Mr J S & Mrs J Nedella Showtime at Thistleaire Sh.CM 

VB (3, 1)

1 Clarke's Mulibrity Crowning Glory Sh CM. Very upstanding, in good condition, good topline which she held on the move. Best Veteran.

2 Steinke's Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel. Nice quality, in good condition, showed well.

Judge Susan Kealy

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