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Airedale Manchester 14 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Manchester 14 Judge



Judge: Mr Max King

BEST OF BREED : 1007 AVERIS, Mrs J & BARKER Mr T Ch Katerinas Land Spicy Cherry At Saredon
Dog CC : 1031 JACKSON, Mrs O K & SWASH, Mrs M & SIGFRIDSTAD Mr Ch Jokyl Star Turn
Res Dog CC : 1022 GREGG Mr & Mrs R & M Ir Ch Bambusa Most Noble CJW12 CW12
Bitch CC : 1007 AVERIS, Mrs J & BARKER Mr T Ch Katerinas Land Spicy Cherry At Saredon
Res Bitch CC : 1020 FERNANDEZ, Mr M F & PURNELL Mr C J Muliebrity Rilletta JW Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 1037 MILLER Mr G C & Mrs C E Lakeaire Mandy Mauve
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :


Airedale T:

PD (0),

JD (3.1)

1. Martin’s Doraemi Krakkajax For Tobadale. Solidly built youngster and looked much better when deciding to use his ears, well developed head, clean straight front, well laid shoulders, strong body, moved Ok.

2. Collin’s Colldale The Hero. Well constructed but not always helping himself by standing a little side in front, coat coming on well, just needs a bit more ring training.

PGD (3.1)

1 Hacker & Jenkins’ Sherifs Red Beret. A little playful at times, good head profile, correct bite, good expression, well bodies, not always responding when moving.

2. Edwards’ Smockalley The Joker. Smaller type and well presented, coat in good condition, moving a little close behind.

LD (3)

1. Toulson’s Toulsyork Firsty Filbert. Standing foursquare and ready for action, straight front, clean neck, short coupling, coat in good order.

2. Gray’s Oaksteaire The Maestro at Grayaire. Clean cut outline, good head, would prefer a little longer coat on the neck, level topline, well angulated, good coat and colour.

3. Byrne & Vickers’ Catch Me If You Can at Jodean.

OD (5.1)

1. Jackson, Swash & Sigfridstad’s Ch Jokyl Star Turn. Worthy Champion, solid and compact, long well balanced head with flat skull, dark eye, well set ears, overall true expression, well made shoulders flowing into level topline, well set tail and good angulation, moved with purpose. Dog CC.

2. Gregg’s Ch Bambusa Most Noble. Quality dog but tended to be overstretched in rear which detracted from overall appearance, keen expression, well bodied and well muscled throughout, moved soundly. Res Dog CC.

PB (10.3)

1. Miller’s Lakeaire Mandy Mauve. Nice shape and developing well, head of good proportions, good body, moved better at slower pace. B Puppy.

2. Keay’s Jaymitch Jaunty Panachen. Very close decision, liked overall size and shape, nice head, good front and feet, moved OK.

3. Collins’ Beacytan Best Seller at Colldale.

JB (5)

1. Moules’ Doraemi Kiki Dee. Nice overall shape and size and gained in confidence as class progressed, good strength of head, well laid shoulders, would prefer a little less coat.

2. Turner’s Crillee Cool Scarlet. Feminine appearance, nice overall shape, head still to finish, needs a little tightening up in front, with a little more time will come into her own.

3. Jackson & Swash’s Jokyl Simply Red.

PGB (4)

1. Fernandez & Purnell’s Muliebrity Rilletta. Very well presented and turned out, very good head and ears, good length of neck, well bodied, level topline, well angulated, moved soundly. Res Bitch CC.

2. Oates’ Stabuks Immy. Not always helping herself, solidly constructed, moved freely.

3. Ablard’s Saredon First Alexandria.

LB (9.2)

1. Hampton & Hall’s Muliebrity Oceana. Clean cut and nice overall appearance, good head and expression, straight front, tight feet, well laid shoulders, level topline, would have liked a little more coat, moved true.

2. Turner’s Crillee Carry on Baby. Attractive bitch and a little longer cast than 1, in good coat and moved OK.

3. Callon & Callon-Winn’s Russtam Star Princess.

B (3.1)

1. Averis & Barker’s Ch Katerinas Land Spicy Cherry at Saredon. Well known and worthy champion, and p[leased to see her bodying up more since I last had my hands on her, best of heads, good bite, clean muscular neck, short back, moved with ease. Bitch CC and BOB. G4.

2. Gregg’s Ir Ch Bambussa Dream Model. Unlucky to meet 1, strong and compact, coat in good order.

Max King (Judge)

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