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Airedale Crufts 23

KC Breed Standard

Crufts 23 Judge






Judge: Mr S Plane

Dog Challenge Certificate 8940 - Jokyl Daily Special JW (Mr D & Mrs J M Brown)
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate 8997 - Georgeous Oliver (Mr G. Pertile)
Bitch Challenge Certificate 8996 - Ch Jokyl Rising Star (Mrs S Underwood)
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate 8952 - Shadlian Heavens Dream at Thistleaire (Mrs J Graham)
Best of Breed 8940 - Jokyl Daily Special JW (Mr D & Mrs J M Brown)
Best Puppy 8993 - Crillee Carry On The Legend (Mr R I & Mrs J B Turner)
Best Veteran 8945 - Wendaire Kissed by An Angel JW ShCM ShCEx (Ms W A Edington-Hall)


VD (1)

1 Sunnily Baron Raffael (Hozova). A clean headed dog with a correct mouth good eye and expression, stands well in front level topline and well set tail, clear colour and coat of good texture.

PD (4)

1 Crillee Carry On The Legend (Turner). A smart youngster with a long clean head, well balanced correct mouth, good eye and expression lovely shoulder placement, true front with enough bone, well set tail, should have a good future.

2 Toulsyork Taylor Made (Toulson). A dog in sparkling form, well constructed, balanced head, good eye, could be a touch steadier in ront today but this should not be an issue, lovely topline and tailset.

3 Settlebeck Royal Flush (Fearnhead). A promising dog, not quite the finish of those above him today

JD (3)

1 Sarson Salti (Salti). A well grown dog of lovely type, very good head and eye, lovely shoulder placement. Showed well and with style.

2 Muliebrity Blue Beret at Sherifs (Hacker & Jenkins). Similar to the winner, this dog has a lovely expression, good neck and shoulder. Short deep body and well angulated quarters.

3 Your Majesty The Kind of Nessland (Rozental Mashevski). Only 9 months and gave a lot away, quite raw compared to those above him, lovely shape and outline

PGD (5,1)

1 Knowlelion Circus Master NAF TAF (Gleave). A clean headed dog with a good dark eye and expression, lovely neck and shoulder. Level topline and ribbing, well set tail.

2 Cwmplentyn Jack of Hearts (Simpson-Jones). Similar to the winner although I felt winner had the edge in shoulder placement. Lovely toplline and well set tail, good coat texture.

3 Kentwone Playing with Fire to Andmaura (Watmough & Allen). Touch stronger in skull than those above, well placed shoulders, enough rib and well set tail

LD (2)

1 Stargus Alidandini at Jolliver (Pickering) A sizeable dog of quality, balanced head, correct mouth lovely expression, true front. Good rib and coupling, level topline and well set tail,. In the challenge did not cover as much ground on the move.

2 Russtam Rory Ragamuffin (Parry). Typey dog who presents a clean outline, not so good in colour on the day.

OD (15,5)

1 Jokyl Daily Special JW (Brown). A quality dog who took my eye from entering the ring, most typical Airedale, clean head of good length, dark eye neat well placed ears, lovely neck and shoulder deep rib and well boned, carried himself well on the move CC and BOB.

2 Georgeous Oliver (Pertile). Another dog with a long clean head, correct front and bone, lovely topline and tailset, put in a good performance RCC.

3 Multi Ch Big Lady’s Lion King (Von Koch). Very attractive dog, well presented lovely rib and substance attentive showman, touch shorter all through.

VB (5)

1 Wendaire Kissed by An Angel JW ShCM ShCEx (Edington-Hall). 7 years old bitch of lovely type, long head correct mouth, good eye and expression, in great coat and condition.

2 Brisline’s Born in The Usa for Daedal (Imp Usa) ShCM (Eastall). Another bitch of quality, in super coat and condition, true front and enjoyed her day out.

3 Jokyl Stars in Her Eyes ShCM VW (Webber). A bitch of smaller frame, long head and good eye and expression, in super condition with coat of correct texture

PB (4)

1 Crillee Carry On Party Baby (Turner). A lovely pup of great type and style, clean head of good length, super forehand. Maintains her outline on the move, sound and free moving.

2 Toulsyork Tiger Lilly (Toulson). Another lovely youngster who presents a quality outline, well constructed, clean head, well placed shoulder, in first class condition. 3 Settlebeck Queen of Hearts (Fearnhead). This bitch we good to go over but at the moment not as finished as the winners

JB (6)

1 Shadlian Heavens Dream at Thistleaire (Graham). I really liked this bitch and with average luck she should have a good future, quality head of good length, well placed ears good expression, true front. Carrying a lovely body, used her quarters on the move RCC.

2 Muliebrity Ripples with Airechien (Richardson). A bitch who was close u[p to the winner, very well constructed, true front which is well boned, good topline and tailset lovely coat texture.

3 Jokyl Power Lady (Rust). Well constructed bitch of correct type but at the moment not as forward as the winners

PGB (9,2)

1 Crillee Carry On Baby Be Mine with Bellamunro (Du Toit). Another bitch of super type, good head and eye, correct mouth, well placed shoulders, Enough rib for her size, presents a clean outline on the move.

2 Summer Romance (Sayenko). This bitch did not quite have the length of head of the winner but she is well constructed, true front with enough bone, good topline and tail set, well angulated quarters

3 Kaolin Little Miss Fabulous (Webber). A finer bitch who is well constructed and pleasing to go over.

LB (8,2)

1 Sherifs Blue Angel (Hacker & Jenkins). A lovely headed bitch of super type, clean with good length of head, well balanced, neat ear, lovely neck and shoulder true front, made a good picture on the move.

2 Shielmarh Fortuna Forseer (Shields). A deeper coloured bitch of correct type, lovely well placed shoulders, clean in head, good eye pleasing topline and well angulated quarters.

3 Kaolin Little Miss Sparkle (Webber). An honest bitch of good type, not quite the head of those above but nicely constructed. True front and enough substance

OB (12,2)

1 Ch Jokyl Rising Star (Underwood). A quality tow and a half year old bitch, super type, with enough substance not to detract, so well balanced throughout, she gave a good account of herself on the move. Pleased to award her the CC.

2 Toulsyork Llinsaire Opal (Toulson). Very outgoing bitch of lovely type, well constructed and showed well but her eagerness affected the accuracy on the move but a first class bitch.

3 Sunnily Rising Sun (Ruckova). Not disgraced in this class of lovely bitches

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (4)

1 Shielmarh Fortuna Forseer (Shields).

2 Kaolin Little Miss Sparkle (Webber).

3 Kaolin Little Miss Fabulous (Webber)

Stuart Plane

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