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Airedale Birmingham National 17 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 17 Judge





Judge: Mr Mike Vickers

Dog CC : 1459 JACKSON, Mrs O K & SWASH Mrs M Jokyl Wish List
Res Dog CC : 1449 COLLINS Mr B P Colldale Son Of Adventurer
Bitch CC : 1453 FERNANDEZ, Mr M F & PURNELL Mr C J Ch Jokyl Gold Star JW
Res Bitch CC : 1466 MOULES Mrs R Doraemi One Vision
Best Puppy : 1461 JACKSON, Mrs O K & SWASH Mrs M Jokyl Red Letter Day
Best Veteran : 1470 STEINKE Mrs S R Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel


Birmingham National Airedale Terriers 2017
Thank you for the committee for inviting me to judge this well run show. Black rimming around the eyes needs attention, some look as though they are wearing spectacles. Please try to breed this out.

Limit dog:

1st Jackson & Swash Jokyl Wish List, fantastic headed dog with good ears, clean front, level topline, in A1 order and on his toes all the time, he won over other two on earset, size and showmanship.

2nd Collins Colldale Son of Adventurer, good headed dog with a nice outline, in nice coat, not showing like I know he can. Should get there.

Open Dog:

1st Hill`s Crillee Catch of the Day with Gillaire, clean front, outline ok, well angulated and in pristine order.

2nd Jokyl Truly Noble, good size, lean front, good bone, legs and feet, good colour & coat.

Puppy Bitch:

1st Burkins Saredon Gretal at Raffinato, raw baby of good colour, in good trim for her age, nice head eye & ear, shes very raw and leggy today but has plenty to grow into – good luck.

Junior Bitch:

1st Jackson & Swash Jokyl Red Letter Day, feminine head with good expression, clean front, outline good with nice angulation.

PG Bitch:

1st Edington Hall`s Wendaire Kissed by an Angel, lovely eye & ears, front ok, super shoulders and compact, tail on top with a good tailset & rear, moves ok. Super trim & condition, a real showgirl. Lacked a little beard and furnishings and age to compete in next class. Its no fool.

2nd Purchons Jokyl True Romance at Ellwoodkings, long head, good shoulders, rather longer than one, in nice coat today, shown well.


1ST Moules Doraemi One Vision, lovely headed bitch of quality, great foreface, good eye and ears which she uses, good shoulder, level topline, tail on top and well angulated. Moves well, I loved her, had she had a better coat on the day who knows. A nice one. RCC

2ND Edwards Saredon Simply Susan at Smockvalley, good outline, nice tail set, good coat & colour, shown well.

Limit Bitch

1st:Browns Jokyl Noble Princess for Oceanaire, good length of head, clean front, level topline, good tailset & rear, shows well, in lovely condition today.

2nd Collins Colldale Adventures Girl, nice head & eye could have a slightly smaller ear, stands on good legs and feet, in nice order.

Open Bitch

:1st Fernandez & Purnell, Ch Jokyl Gold Star, again a fantastic jokyl head, lovely ears, she possesses a good layback of shoulder, nice ribs, compact, good tailset, she was in the best trim, showed non stop and very well handled, shes exquisite. Well done – CC & BOB.

2nd Tyrner Crilliee Cool Scarlet, another nice type, compact, good tailset, nice outline and in pristine order as always.

Judge Mike Vickers



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