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Airedale Bath 17 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Bath 17 Judge





Judge: Mrs J Vickers

BEST OF BREED : 1100 TOULSON Mr N & Mrs H Toulsyork Levity Lester
Dog CC : 1100 TOULSON Mr N & Mrs H Toulsyork Levity Lester
Res Dog CC : 1092 LEE Mrs L Stargus Santa Rocks
Bitch CC : 1084 IWAHASHI, Mr T & KANAYA Ms T Int Ch Rockridge Jp I Can't Stop Lovin You
Res Bitch CC : 1077 FERNANDEZ, Mr M F & PURNELL Mr C J Ch Jokyl Gold Star JW
Best Puppy : 1087 JACKSON, Mrs O K & SWASH Mrs M Jokyl Red Letter Day
Best Veteran :


Airedale Terriers
Many thanks for committee for inviting me and thank you to the exhibitors for entering. Eyes need watching, as a large round eye and dark rims are not in the standard and do not give a true terrier expression.

Junior dog

1st Lee`s Stargus Santa Rocks, lovely head, eye and ears giving a typical expression, straight front, decent shoulders and short coupled, well off for bone and muscle, in lovely condition and showed and moved well. Hard decision and could swap places with winner. RCC

2nd Collin`s Colldale The Outlaw, preferred head of 1, ears a little low set for me, lovely shoulders, longer in loin than 1, moved well and in lovely coat.


1st Perry`s Jaymitch Dawn`s Good Guy, decent head and ears, nice front and good shoulders, level topline , short coupled & great tailset. Shown in lovely coat, moved little close behind.

Limit Dog

1st Toulsyork Levity Lester, great eye and ears, would prefer a cleaner head but he makes most of it, great length of neck into super shoulders, the best of tailsets, well off for muscle and bone, and is sound. Would prefer a more level topline, but pulls himself together and he is a real showman when it counts. In lovely condition. DCC & BOB

2nd Collin`s Colldale Son Of Adventurer, good head and eye, low ears which spoils his expression, lovely shoulders, level topline & tailset ok, well muscled & in lovely condition.

3rd Swash & Jackson Jokyl Truly Noble

Open Dog

1st Jackson & Swash`s Jokyl Wish List, the very best of heads, just spoilt for me with a large eye & ear. Clean front and nice shouldersm level topline & tailset , moved close behind.
Hill`s Crillee Catch of the Day with Gillaire, not the head of one, but nice, good shoulders topline & tailset, shown in lovely order.

Puppy Bitch

1st Jackson & Swash Jokyl Red Letter Day, mature puppy, Quality bitch, lovely head, but spoilt by large eye & ears, lovely shoulders and topline, good tailset, moved and showed well. BP

2nd Hunter`s Hazenaide Hi Spec, raw baby, but has a pretty head & lovely eye, decent shoulders, nice topline & tailset, moved and showed well.

3rd Oates Stabuks Koko

Junior Bitch

1st Turner`s Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby, lovely head and ears, nice shoulders, little long in loin but strong and well muscled topline, shown in lovely condition.

2nd McCallum`s Glentops Love is in the Air, not the head of 1, but smaller all-round, good eye & ears, decent shoulders and nice outline finished with a super tailset, moved and showed well.

3rd Hilton`s Colldale One Vision of Touessrok,


1st Edward`s Vivavick Whoopee at Smock Alley, a nice quality bitch, could have a cleaner head but has nice eye and good expression, good shoulders and ultra compact with a great tailset, little short of coat today, moved and showed well.

2nd Haly`s Vivavick Tittletattle, very similar to 1, but preferred shoulder of 1. Shown in lovely coat and moved and showed well.

3rd Johnstone`s Jecadie Gosh That’s Spicy

Limit Bitch

1st Turner`s Jokyl Star Struck, quality head, eye & ears giving a nice expression, good front, nice shoulders & topline, tail on top, well muscled and moved ok. Little short of coat today.

2nd Collin`s Adventuress Girl, lovely head and eye, low ears, clean front, nice shoulders, little long cast, in lovely condition. Very sound mover and preferred tailset of 1.
Brown`s Jokyl Noble Princess for Oceanaire

Open Bitch

1st Iwahashi & Kanaya Int Ch Rockridge Jp I cant stop loving you, would prefer a cleaner head, but has a lovely eye & ears, she is very nice to go over, has a good shoulder, compact, lovely tailset, well off for muscle and moves well. She makes the most of herself and was shown in lovely condition. BCC

2nd Fernandez and Purnell`s Ch Jokyl Gold Star, the best head of the day, clean front, level topline, preferred shoulders and tailset of 1. Shown in the most beautiful condition. RCC

Judge Joanne Vickers

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