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Durack Brisbane Australia on Sunday 15th August 2010
Judge Shaun Watson)

BOB & BIS Staffordshie Bull was CH BELLEDEN CHOCKA BLOCK with an entry of over 100 dogs it also won Best in show under Finish Judge Mr Harto Stockmari

(Sire Treffstaff Cominonstrong Dam CH Belleden Spellbound.)

Kerry Blue with 12 dogs entered my BOB was CH OLIZURE BETTA THE DEVIL UKNOW
and it also won Best Intermediate in show under Mr Harto Stockmari

(Sire Gr Ch Olizure Lieka Pint Dam CH Sacrebleu Pureprint Bu.)

BOB Bull Terrier with 9 dogs entered was CH SATORI WALL STREET


(Sire CH Alunday Hodlum DAM CH Satori Butterfly Kiss.)

BOB American Bull Terrier with 18 entered was TREDANKY CEE ME ROC N HOT (AI)


(Sire CH Majestic N Klarr Jolly Roger (USA) Dam CH Rebbull Gifted Gal (AI).)

Shaun Watson Judge (All Pictured Breeds)

Show Report (By Shaun Watson)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to this prestigious and well organized show held in Durack Brisbane Australia on Sunday 15th August 2010.

I currently live in Cyprus and when I was invited to judge in Australia, it could have been anywhere and as you know it is a big place but the show was 30 minutes from where my wife's sister lives, so that made it even more inviting than it already was.

We arrived at Brisbane airport at 0100am and was taken to where we was staying which I should add a special thank you to Erin and Penny for the way we was looked after and I know I am also speaking for my fellow judge Mr Harto Stockmari from Finland as we both commented on how exceptional we was looked after.

My host did think me mad (although she is right) as I wanted to get up at 0600am the same morning to go to the famous 'Brisbane Royal' dog show. I went to the show and was only allowed to go, as it was Gundogs and Toys, we was under orders and wraps not to see any Terriers dogs but Terrier owners as well, on pain of death, let me tell you a secret we saw two Staffs walking on Surfers beach on the Gold Coast but don't tell anyone or Erin will be in trouble.

I should also mention my co judge who I had never met before but within a very short time, it was clear we would not only have fun and get along but were both Terrier people so judging would be fun.

The Royal was fun and interesting as was the rest of the show, which is an agricultural show and no terriers orowners was seen during the day.

On Sunday we was duly taken to the show and introduced to all the committee and it was pleasing to put names to the face and meet them all.

The show ground was excellent and a credit and I hope the owners appreciate it, not many places have their own showground even less one so well located and looked after.

I was introduced to my two rings stewards and I would like to here, thank them for not only organizing me and getting the dogs into the class efficiently and quickly also I enjoyed some banter with them to make to days judging flow and enjoyable.

I am finally on to the dogs, first the desexed class which was strange to me but one which I fully understand I only had two dogs but both were good and either could have won the class.

Next was the American Staffs and I have to say I was looking forward to these as this breed is not in the UK but I have judged them a few times in Europe and have to say really like the breed, in fact I could even own one.

I was a little disappointed I think generally the ears need work on, as quite a few did not have the correct ear carriage and I did not find them graceful enough overall, on the plus side they was all shown clean and tidy, presented well and of good temperament.

Next was the Bull Terriers which not a large entry was generally of equal type, they were presented well, one with too much chalk which to be honest as a handler does not really bother me but seems to be very higher frowned upon at the bigger shows in Europe, was pleased with my winners and happy with their disposition, movement and presentation.

After that I had the Kerry Blue which is my breeds so I was excited to see them as I have seen and competed against David Roach in the UK many times and wanted to see how they fared here.

The entry was good but some of the dogs and bitches were too big and coats were not of the correct type in textures and to tight, yes easier and better to trim but not correct, both my CC winners were of high quality, the bitches had the right amount of showmanship and presented well, shape and size was good the coat was not the best.

My male and BOB was of very high quality, correct size and showing the right masculinity and looked as required a stallion excellent head and body and could win anywhere including Ireland and the UK, I heard moans afterwards that he was black he is NOT he is correctly BLUE, the breed standard requires showing colour after 18 months and ANY shade of blue from light blue to gun metal blue is right, put a black cloth against him you will see he is the correct colour, he also has the correct coat texture and type shows and moves well won Best in Show Intermediate.

And last was a large entry of Staffordshire Terriers with over 100 to judge overall the quality was high with most shown in excellent firm condition, clean and tidy, the handling and presentation was of a high standard and movement was generally very good but there was some, with suspect movement and very close behind.

Some of the classes were large and I never heard any grumbles or growling inside or outside the ring I think the temperament around the world has changed in Staffs and although I miss the old Staffs I fully understand and agree for the reason for this change.

I was very pleased with almost all my winners and was only disappointed with one class. My major winners and owners of course due to Erin was totally unknown to me and I should point out I was pleased with the sportsmanship to me and other winners during judging, I know I cannot please everyone but just be true to my opinion.

The winners were of course of superior type and moved and shown very well I have no preference for colour but ended up with two red CC winners, the male who was my BOB and I see also a Champion was a super specimen shown in hard condition, excellent coat and type excellent head and body and presented handled and moved well. I was pleased and honoured that he went Best in Show which was well deserved I found out later that night he had won quite a few groups but I was not surprised.

I have to say I certainly enjoyed my days judging which 'seemed' to be well taken, the weather was excellent and the dogs and owners friendly and enjoying their day out.

I will lastly mention I was judging the so called aggressive breeds there was no growling or barking and temperament was excellent in fact the only time I was bitten was by one of Erin's cats who was called Witch I think the W needs to be changed for a B.

I would like to thank the President, Secretary all of the committee and all the stewards for making and running an excellent show and the owners for travelling and bring their dogs for my opinion, I really enjoyed my day the show and time in Australia with the dog people so thanks again.

Shaun Watson

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