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Norfolk SKC May 24 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

SKC May 24 Judge





Judge: Mr C POWELL

BEST OF BREED : 433 JENKINS, Miss D Kinsridge Brownie Point
Dog CC : 429 GEE, Mrs R Watercroft Tiger Feet Jw
Res Dog CC : 441 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C Belleville Playmate
Bitch CC : 433 JENKINS, Miss D Kinsridge Brownie Point
Res Bitch CC : 439 TATE, Mrs K & DRAGON, Miss Oliwia Noragad's Royal Flush With Jaeva
Best Puppy : 442 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C Belleville Hope Alert
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner : 444 WARD, Mrs Pat Littlemount Celyn Y Mor


P/D. (3,1a)

1st Thompson-Morgan, Belleville Hope Alert. Good in type and one of decent size, clean head with correct bite, body and quarters as they should at this age, moved well and in good coat. P/D & BPIB.

2nd Smith, Javidel May You never. Another puppy of quality, sound all over for type, in coat and moved well thought she was carrying a little too much weight which spoiled her overall balance today.

J/D. (1)

1st Gee, Watercroft Moon Dust. A nicely balanced black & tan in good condition, good head and expression, dark eye and nice bite, short in back with good top-line, moved with ease around the ring, nice harsh coat.

P/G/D. (2)

1st Wren, Jaeva Strut Your Stuff, Ample bone and substance, pleasing head shape, dark eyes and good ear placement, correct bite, well bodied with strong quarters, moved well and in great coat.

2nd Ward, Littlemount Celyn Y Mor. Head of type with dark eyes and correct bite, short and compact, good rib and strong quarters, moved well in rear, good coat and tail set.

L/D. (1)

1st Gee, Watercroft Tiger feet JW. Head typical of the breed, strong, wide and of good depth, neck, shoulders and front assembly good, good in profile and on the move, short and compact, strong quarters, level top-line and nice tail set, in great coat. DCC & BOS.

O/D. (1)

1st Thompson-Morgan, Belleville Playmate. Another dog of quality and breed type, pleasing head and dark eyes, good ear carriage and correct bite, good in shoulders, short and well ribbed, strong muscle tone to the rear, in good harsh coat, moved covering the ground with ease, nice drive in the rear, RCC.

V/D. (0)

S/B/D. (1)

1st Ward, Littlemount Celyn Y Mor.

G/S/D (1)

1st Wren, Jaeva Strut Your Stuff.

P/B. (3,1a)

1st Smith, Javidel May To December, A mature puppy for her age, good head and expression, body coming along as it should be at this age, moved well with nice ring presence, coat good.

2nd Gee, Watercroft Calamity Jane. This one was just a raw puppy, but of type, way immature compared to the first, shows promises once she learns what to do and grows up a tad.

J/B (2)

1st Tate, & Dragon, Norgad’s Royal Flush with Jaeva. Short coupled and well-balanced bitch of quality and breed type, clean feminine head with good expression, good in neck, body and quarters, moved well keeping and good top-line and tail set, true both ways, in good coat and of correct texture. RCC.

2nd Gee, Watercroft Crafty Monkey. Well put together and with good out-lines, pleasing head shape, correct bite, short in body, good angulations, moved very well, in front and rear keeping a good top-line and tail set. good in coat.

P/G/B. (1a)

L/B. (1)

1st Smith, Javidel Handmayds Tale. A bitch with a good profile and out-lines to her, good head and expression, dark eye and well- set ears, nice in neck and body, move ok and in good coat.

O/B. (4)

1st Jenkins, Kinsridge Brownie Point. Classis bitch very typical of the breed, great head and expression, well set ears and dark eyes, correct dentition, good neck and well-placed shoulders, body short and strong back keeping a level top-line, strong muscular thighs and a nice tail set, moved with drive fore and aft effortlessly around the ring great coat texture, one of the better movers today, BCC & BOB.

2nd Gee, Ch Watercroft Back in a Jiffy. Black & Tan bitch of breed type, good out-lines and well balanced, typical head with correct bite, short and compact, good rear muscle tone, quality coat, moved well both ways.

3rd Thompson-Morgan, Ch Belleville Citation.

Judge: Mr C POWELL



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