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Norfolk National Terrier 24 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

National Terrier 24 Judge




BEST OF BREED : 714 JENKINS, Miss D Ch Kinsridge Cash Point
Dog CC : 714 JENKINS, Miss D Ch Kinsridge Cash Point
Res Dog CC : 707 GEE, Mrs R Watercroft Moon Dust
Bitch CC : 705 GEE, Mrs R Ch Watercroft Back In A Jiffy
Res Bitch CC : 734 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C Ch Belleville Citation
Best Puppy : 724 PHILLIPS, Mr Martin Jaeva Ring Bearer
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner :


SBD/B (4)

1 Powell, Watercroft Brown Boots, Cobby with short back. Well-muscled, straight font, good bend of stifle, moved with drive. Lovely head and expression. Good coat texture.

2 WREN, Jaeva Strut Your Stuff, another good type., good head and expression with dark eye, Well placed shoulder, level topline, moved well.

3 Harrison, Jacquidon Rich Tea.

MPD (2)

1 Phillips, Jaeva Ring Bearer, Strong head with super expression. Very short coupled. A little unsettled on the move but moved straight and true when settled. Pleased to award him Best Puppy.

2 Jenkins, Kinsridge Sticky Wicket. Six-month-old puppy, Another nice type from this kennel. Pleasing head and expression, good ears, correct bite, moved well.

PD (2)

1 Thompson-Morgan, Belleville Infamous Colin. Very compact, short coupled, Good layback of shoulder, level topline and good tail set. Strong well-muscled hindquarters and good rear angulation moving with drive. Strong head with good bite.

2 Gee, Watercroft Hallmark. Strong head with super expression and dark eye. Excellent coat texture, Good shoulder placement strong hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Moved and showed well just preferred the winner.

JD (2)

1 Gee, Watercroft Moon Dust Black and Tan. I loved him. Short coupled, super head properties with dark eye and correct bite, a real mischievous expression. Super coat texture and very well presented. Straight front, strong rear moved with real propulsion. Pushed hard in the challenge. Pleased to award him the RCC.

2 Davis, Watercroft Cosmic Dust. Litter brother to the winner. Pleasing head and expression, correct bite. Good shoulder placement, level topline and good tail set. Another nice type a little longer in body than his brother.

PGD (2)

1 Wren, Jaeva Strut Your Stuff see 2nd Special Beginners.

2 Clarke, Watercroft Pickled Pudding Nice type. Not the coat texture of the winner. Nice head, dark eye, large teeth and correct bite. Moved well.

LD (6)

1 Gee, Watercroft Tiger Feet JW. Strong head with wide skull good bite. Cobby short coupled dog with level topline and good tail set. Good shoulder placement. Strong rear well-muscled moved with drive.

2 Tate, Jaeva Jammie Dodger. Another nice type a close decision between 1 and 2. Excellent coat texture, another strong head with super expression. Good shoulders, level topline. Moved very well. Liked him a lot.

3 Harrison, Jacquidon Rich Tea.

OD (2)

1 Jenkins, Ch Kinsridge Cash Point. This dog caught my eye as he entered the ring a quality male who uses the ring to full advantage. A very well-balanced smart dog, very compact, short coupled. Super coat texture, large teeth, lovely expression, good tail set. Pleased to award him Dog CC and BOB.

2 Thompson-Morgan, Belleville Playmate. Another nice type, with lovely head and expression, dark eye and good bite. Well placed shoulders, straight front, good bend of stifle. Well-muscled, moving with drive.

PB (4,1)

1 Phillips, Blakens Candy Bar Girl. Super head with the sweetest expression. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders and level topline. Straight front, well angulated rear, super coat texture very well presented. Moved with drive.

2 Gee, Watercroft Sparkles. Another lovely puppy, a difficult decision. Both had super coat textures and many of the same attributes.

3 Thompson-Morgan, Belleville Saucy Number.

JB (3)

1 Gee, Watercroft Fairy Dust. A smart Black and Tan. Litter sister to the winner of JD. Moved very well. Strong head, with broad skull and dark eye. Very short back, super tail set, good bend of stifle, very well-muscled, moved with real drive and determination.

2 TATE & DRAGON, Noragad’s Royal Flush With Jaeva Another super youngster, I am sure both of these young ladies will have a bright future and change places many times. Good shoulder placement, short back and level topline. Many of the same attributes as the winner, I Just preferred the head of the winner.

3 Mullan,Watercroft Maybellene.

NB (1)

1 Mullan, Watercroft Maybellene. Nice type, short coupled, good tail set. Moved so much better in this class than in the previous class where she was more hesitant and unsettled on the move.

PGB (3,1)

1 Geary, Watercroft Quick As A Flash To Germanus Short coupled. Good head and expression, correct bite. Straight front moved well when settled.

2 Glynn, Kenberlynn Angels Spirit. Another nice type preferred front movement of the winner. Longer in body than the winner.

LB (4,1)

1 Jenkins, Kinsridge Brownie Point Very short coupled with good shoulder placement, level topline and good tail set. Super coat texture. Moved true fore and aft.. Strong head with good width of skull, dark eye and good bite with large teeth.

2 Glynn, Kenberlynn Angels Dreams. Longer cast than the winner and not the rear angulation of the winner. Moved well.

3 Lloyd, Orison Noging The Nod.

OB (2)

1 Gee, Ch Watercroft Back In A Jiffy. A lovely B & T bitch with a super head and expression looking very sure of herself. Good reach of neck leading to good shoulder placement, short coupled, well angulated rear, straight front. Moved very well. Pleased to award her the CC.

2 Thompson-Morgan, Ch Belleville Citation. Another lovely type with many of the same attributes as the winner. Very excitable and a little unsettled on the move today. Two quality bitches. Had to settle for the RCC today.

Jennie Griffiths

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