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Norfolk Manchester 24 Judge's Critique

Norfolk Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Manchester 24 Judge



Judge: Mrs Joanne Vickers

BEST OF BREED : 6485 JENKINS, Miss D Ch Kinsridge Cash Point
Dog CC : 6485 JENKINS, Miss D Ch Kinsridge Cash Point
Res Dog CC : 6482 HAYDON, Miss Judith Earthtaw Lincoln
Bitch CC : 6486 JENKINS, Miss D Kinsridge Brownie Point
Res Bitch CC : 6498 TATE, Mrs K & DRAGON, Miss Oliwia Noragad's Royal Flush with Jaeva
Best Puppy : 6498 TATE, Mrs K & DRAGON, Miss Oliwia Noragad's Royal Flush with Jaeva
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner : 6490 POWELL, Miss L V Watercroft Brown Boots



1st Smith`s Javidel May You Never 7mths baby, Quality puppy, lovely typy head, balanced throughout,
In very nice coat for a baby. Moved and showed really well.

2nd Thompson-Morgan, Belleville Nom De Plum, really lovely type, good head, a nice size, moved and showed very well, out of coat today or would have gone further.


1st Davis Watercroft Cosmic Dust, really lovely type, good head and ears and expression. good front. Super shoulders and topline. Well off for bone. Good set on and in super coat. Moved well.

2nd Hayden, Earthlaw Patrick, different type to the winner, but very nice. Compact and good bone, in very nice condition and moved well.

3rd Wren`s Jaeva Strut your stuff.


1st Ward`s Littlemont Celyn Y Mor, very typical type, a good head and well set ears, shoulder and topline, well groomed, moving a little wide in front.

2nd Clarke`s Watercroft Pickled Pudding, smaller type all over than the winner, moved very well and In lovely coat.

3rd, Thompson Morgan`s Belleville Nom De Plum


1st Haydon`s Earthtaw Lincoln, Very nice type, lovely typical head, good ears. Super shoulders and topline, in lovely coat and condition. Showed well. RCC

2nd Darnel`s Jacquidon Hot off the Press, another very nice dog, shown in nice coat, an absolute showing machine. Moved a little wide.

3rd Harrison`s Jacquidon Rich Tea.


1st Jenkins Kinsridge Cash Point, Top Quality male, lovely head and well set ears, giving a wonderful expression. full of breed type, cobby, well balanced throughout, Shown in super coat and condition. A showman, I loved him. He floated around the ring which won him CC & BOB.


1st Powell`s Watercroft Brown Boots, 4yrs, nice type, lovely head and ears, decent shoulders, topline and set on. In good coat and moved well.

2nd Ward`s Littlemont Celyn Y Mor

3rd Wren`s Jaeva Strut Your Stuff


1st Tate & Dragon`s Noragads Royal Flush with Jaeva, Beautiful showy puppy, nice head with good well placed ears, lovely expression. Good front, super shoulders and topline, good set on, moved and showed extraordinarily well. Shown in nice coat. RBCC & BP

2nd Jenkins Krisma Sunbeam for Kinsridge NAF, these two puppies could change places easily, both top drawer puppies. 1 was just a little more forward that all. Shown in super coat and condition, moved well.


1st Jenkins Kinsridge Brownie Point, Real quality bitch, feminine head and well set ears, super shoulders and topline, short, compact and cobby, feminine but with ample bone, shown in beautiful coat and condition. Moved really well. Just beaten by the dog for BOB as he is a little more mature. BCC

2nd Geary`s Watercroft Quick as a Flash to Germanus, lovely head and expression, decent bone, lovely outline, shown in nice coat, just a little longer cast than 1.

3rd Coopers Settrenda Saucy Style


1st Smiths Javidel Handmayds Tale, nice type of bitch, hard to fault, good head and ears, front and shoulders. Very typey, in nice coat and moved ok.

2nd Atkinson Moortop Bobbys Girl, good type, nice head and ears, carrying a little too much weight, but very showy, just lacking furnishings and not quite enough of her.

3rd Glynn, Kenberlynn Angel Dreams.


1st Smith`s Javidel May I Present, smart bitch, pretty head and expression, good front and topline, good set on, not really enjoying the noisy hall today.

Judge Joanne Vickers

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