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Norfolk Crufts 24 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Crufts 24 Judge




Judge: Mrs B Sweigart [USA]

Dog Challenge Certificate 15307 - Ch Kinsridge Cash Point (Miss D Jenkins)
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate 15298 - Watercroft Tiger Feet JW (Mrs R Gee)
Bitch Challenge Certificate 15329 - Ch Belleville Hope Star (Mrs C S Thompson-Morgan)
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate 15306 - Kinsridge Brownie Point (Miss D Jenkins)
Best Of Breed 15307 - Ch Kinsridge Cash Point (Miss D Jenkins)
Best Puppy 15278 - Blakens Candy Bar Girl (J T Phillips)
Best Veteran 15314 - Ralph of House Nash ShCEx VW (Mrs R E Nash)


First, I would like to thank the show committee at Crufts for inviting me to judge this wonderful little breed that has been part of my life for the past 50+ years. Also, I would like to thank all the breeders and the exhibitors who brought such a wonderful entry of such quality dogs. It was a joy to be able to judge so many dogs that were of such high-quality. 

VD (1) 1 Nash’s Ralph of House Nash of Raphiggy SChEx VW, , well-made, black and tan dog in great condition attractive head and expression. Nice dark eye, carry a good top line, moved well overall a very lovely dog, BV.

PD (3) 1 Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville Infamous Colin, a very promising pup with a good outline, lovely head and expression, lovely dark eye, not too big, the right size and shape, beautiful shoulder lay back and a lovely reach of neck a strong top line and a strong rear he moved and carried himself with confidence; 2 Gee’s Watercroft Hallmark, another well-made short coupled of dog presented in very good condition. He carried a good top line and well set tail. He had a pleasant head and expression with well placed ears Front assembly, not quite as good as that of number one; 3 Smith’s Javidel May You Never.

JD (4-1) 1 Gee’s Watercroft Moon Dust, a lovely black and tan dog with a good outline short couple with a strong top line. He had a lovely head and expression and nice dark guy. He was in great coat and moved well. He had good legs and feet to carry him around good regulation, pushing forward on short strong hocks; 2 Davis’ Watercroft Cosmic Dust, second to his litter brother. Nicely made dog, good outline, strong top line, well set tail, good legs and feet. Did not carry himself quite as well as the first place dog.

PGD (10-1) 1 Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville Playmate, lovely red dog with good outline, good head and expression nice shoulder lay back into a strong top line with a well set tail, good legs and feet, moved well around the ring and coming and going; 2 Phillips’ Blakens In The Mix, another nice red dog with a good head and expression good top line with the well set tail good proportions carried himself well around the ring not quite as well-made in front of number one; 3 Darnell’s Jacquidon Hot Off The Press; Res Clarke’s Watercroft Pickled Pudding.

LD (8) 1 Gee’s Watercroft Tiger Feet, I would go onto award the dog RCC he was presented in lovely condition. He had a good head very nice expression. He was short backed with a level top line and a good tail set set. Nice front end assembly good on legs and feet. His rear matched his front and he moved around the ring easily; 2 Hurrion’s Way Too Cool For Choos, a nice outline dog with a good head and expression nice dark eye, well placed good neck and shoulder strong top line and good tail set moved around the ring easily not quite as good coat as number one; 3 Haydon’s Earthtaw Lincoln; Res Simpson’s Brickin Wish Me Luck at Megalex; VHC Tate’s Jaeva Jammie Dodger.

OD (3) I was presented with three lovely dogs first going to 1 Jenkins’ Ch Kinsridge Cash Point, this dog was a joy to examine all of one piece from his very lovely head and expression with a lovely, dark eye, and well placed ears he had lovely reach of neck into well placed shoulders and a strong top line, with good tail set and strong quarters. He had good legs and feet and moved around the ring with ease. I would award him, the dog CC and BOB; 2 Thompson-Morgan’s Ch Belleville Plum Sauce, nice outline, dog good length of back well set tail nice head and expression dark eye. He moved well and carried himself well; 3 Decoo’s Multi Ch Stuivenbrum Cappuccino.

GCD (2) 1 Powell’s Watercroft Brown Boots, well presented in good coat good outline moved well; 2 Wren’s Jaeva Strut Your Stuff, another good representative of the breed good outline in good coat with pleasing expression moved nicely.


VB (1) 1 Gee’s Ch Watercroft Pink Fizz, presented in absolutely beautiful condition with a lovely, harsh, red coat, lovely head expression with dark eyes and well set ears, nice neck and shoulder and good topline. She moved well and showed herself to her best.

PB (5) This was a lovely class to judge, and would be proud to have bred anyone of them My first place was 1 Phillips’ Blakens Candy Bar Girl, this puppy had what I think is hard to achieve a beautiful outline with good reach of neck into well set shoulders, a strong top line and a strong, broad rear with a well set tail. She had a lovely head and expression with dark eyes and good pigment. She had good bone, straight front legs with nice tight feet her rear was wide with short, strong hocks she moved well coming and going, and certainly carried herself around the ring with confidence I would go onto award her BP; 2 Gee’s Watercroft Nora Batty, another lovely outline with a nice short, strong back a good coat with good head and expression and good tail set she moved on four good legs; 3 Smith’s Javidel May To December; Res Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville Saucy Number; VHC Mullan’s Watercroft Maybellene at Tamodan.
JB (3) 1 Dragon & Tate’s Noragad’s Royal Flush with Jaeva, lovely outline short coupled strong backed black, and tan. She had a lovely head expression with well placed ears good, neck and shoulder she moved well on for good legs; 2 Smith’s Javidel May To December, a nice outline with a nice hard coat good had an expression good shoulders into a good top line She moved well, coming and going not quite the package that was number one; 3 Hurrion’s Villassa All The Way.

PGB (7-2) 1 Nash’s Silverlily of Housenash at Raphiggy, nice outline black and tan bitch with a good coat. She had a nice head and expression with good ears. Good shoulder placement with a solid top line. Nice tail set. She moved well on four legs; 2 Alman’s Namlak Geisel, this bitch had a lovely outline with a nice hard coat. She had good shoulder replacement carried a strong top line. She had four good legs with proper angulation, front and rear causing her to move very well around the ring; 3 Barrow’s Kinsridge Pink Diamond; Res Geary’s Watercroft Quick As A Flash to Germanus; VHC Glynn’s Kenberlynn Angels Spirit.

LB (10-4) 1 Jenkins’ Kinsridge Brownie Point, this bitch had a lovely outline, well proportioned a lovely head and expression with proper ears and good width of skull, lovely neck into well-placed shoulders and a strong top line a good tail set and good hindquarters. She had lovely legs and feet. she moved well coming and going and carried herself beautifully going around the ring She would go onto win the RCC; 2 Smith’s Javidel Handmayds Tale, another bitch with a nice outline and good hard coat. She had a good head and expression, nice shoulder replacement, and strong back. She moved out well, but was unfortunate to meet number one today; 3 Gee’s Watercroft Crafty Monkey; Res Atkinson’s Moortop Bobby’s Girl; VHC Glynn’s Kenberlynn Angels Dream.

OB (8-3) 1 Thompson-Morgan’s Ch Belleville Hope Star, a beautifully made bitch with all the proper proportions, lovely neck and shoulder, beautiful feminine head and expression. She carried a strong top line, moving or standing. She had a good tail, set and strong, quarters with well let down hocks enough substance, but remaining feminine. She moved well coming and going and carried herself beautifully going around the-ring. She would win the bitch CC; 2 Gee’s Ch Watercroft Back In A Jiffy, nice outline black and tan and beautiful coat lovely type. She had a short back great tail set and strong quarters not quite as good in front as number one but I have to say she must live a bit too close to the kitchen!; 3 Thompson-Morgan’s Ch Belleville Citation; Res Macartney’s Ivrig Dancing In The Sun; VHC Smith’s Javidel May I Present.

GCB (1) 1 Macartney’s Ivrig Dancing In The Sun, this bitch had a nice eye and expression. She had a good hard coat though a bit short, she carried a good top line and went around the ring well.


I must say that I was very pleased with the overall entry and the quality there and most of the dogs were presented in pristine condition there were a few that were a little chunky, but overall everyone was very fit. I must say I was very impressed by the mouths on all of the dogs, I think you have a done a much better job of dealing with bites than we have in the states! Thank you again for the beautiful entry. 

Beth Sweigart

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