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Norfolk Birmingham National 24 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 24 Judge





Judge: Mrs Dorothy Dorkins

BEST OF BREED : 8804 GEE, Mrs R Ch Watercroft Back In A Jiffy
Dog CC : 8849 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C Belleville Playmate
Res Dog CC : 8851 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C Belleville Infamous Colin
Bitch CC : 8804 GEE, Mrs R Ch Watercroft Back In A Jiffy
Res Bitch CC : 8848 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C Ch Belleville Citation
Best Puppy : 8844 SMITH, Mrs A Javidel May You Never
Best Veteran : 8833 NASH, Mrs R Ralph Of House Nash At Raphiggy ShCEx VW
Best Special Beginner : 8819 HARRISON, Miss Sophie Jacquidon Rich Tea


Thank you everyone for bringing your beautiful Norfolks for me to see. I was thrilled to get such a wonderful entry. I would also like to thank my Steward who was on his own and did a sterling job.

SBD (3,1)

1 Harrison. Jacquidon Rich Tea. In super coat and presented beautifully. Compact body with good bone. Correct head and well placed ears. Great tail set, and moved soundly both ways.

2 Powell. Watercroft Brown Boots. Another looking in good coat and trim, great bone, and moving smartly. Short cobby body. Head proportions good.

MPD (4,3)

1 Thompson-Morgan. Belleville Hope Alert. A beautifully put together puppy. Full of himself but still showing me his lovely sound movement with correct tail set. Super topline with good reach of neck and well laid shoulder.

PD (2,1)

1 Smith, Javidel May you Never. Very smart young man in great body condition. Good bone and spring of rib. Correctly proportioned head, lovely dark almond eyes with such a lovely expression. He has a wonderful coat of correct texture and is groomed beautifully moving soundly with plenty of drive. Best Puppy.

JD (4,1)

1 Thompson-Morgan, Belleville Infamous Colin. A striking Norfolk who wagged his correctly carried tail the whole time. Great hindquarters that drive him round the ring with style. Well laid shoulders and solid top line. And a masculine expressive head and dark eyes. Harsh coat texture with just the right amount of undercoat. Res CC.

2 Gee. Watercroft Moon Dust Black and Tan in great coat, loved his head and expression. Showed and moved well.

PGD (3)

1 Thompson-Morgan Belleville Wordsmith. In super coat and trim moving soundly with good front and well angulated hind. Expressive head of correct proportions. With neat well placed ears.

2 Wren. Jaeva Strut Your Stuff. Dark red coat of lovely harsh texture. Loved his head and expression. And he showed himself off well. Preferred movement of 1st.

3 Nash, Earthtaw Owain the Celt at Raphiggy JW.

LD (7,2)

1 Gee. Watercroft Tiger Feet JW. Very impressive, super head, dark eye and well placed ears, lovely bone, moved out well with drive and reach. Cobby body and good spring of rib. Great little show man.

2 Darnell Jacquidon Hot off the Press. Solid little body, short backed and showing like a true little trooper. In lovely coat he has good bone and is sound coming and going.

3 Harrison Jacquidon Rich Tea.

OD (4,1)

1 Thompson-Morgan Belleville Playmate. Now this is how a Norfolk should move! He is sound as a bell coming and going. Correctly angulated both front and rear. Driving well behind on strong hindquarters. Well placed shoulders and straight front. Great bone, spring of ribs, reach of neck and top line. He was in super coat with the correct texture coat trimmed to his advantage. His head is that of a true terrier, strong and masculine, and of the right proportions. Small well placed ears. He showed himself off really beautifully. And I was delighted to award him the CC. Unfortunately when competing for BOB. He was very unsettled after getting the smell of a bitch in season. So did not give his best performance.

2 Gee, Watercroft Chilli Bean. Short compact in glorious coat and beautifully groomed. Loved his super head and expression, tail set was spot on. And his shoulder placement neck and top line were great. Lovely spring of rib. Good bone. Showing all the time. Moving out well.

3 Jenkins Ch. Kinsridge Cash Point.

VD (1)

1 Nash. Ralph of House Nash of Raphiggy ShCx VW. This little dog is a STAR. 9 years old and looking like a 2 year old. He has a wonderful black and tan coat of super texture. He is in great body condition with good bone and strong little legs that power him round the ring with style. Never stops showing and looking up at his proud owner.

MPB (5,3)

1 Thompson-Morgan Belleville Full of Hope. Very forward puppy in lovely coat, loved her perfectly carried tail. Super mouth with correct bite. Moved really steadily with drive and reach.

2 Jenkins Kinsridge Florentine. Very pretty head, short and well balanced. Moving soundly, nice reach of neck and good shoulder placement.

PB (4,2)

1 Phillips Blakens Candy Bar Girl. Really liked this young bitch. Moving soundly and makes a lovely profile with her perfect tail carriage. Lovely head and small dark eye and neat ears. A very feminine expression but still with enough bone.

2 Gee Watercroft Sparkles. These two bitches are very simpler in type. Sparkles also showed beautifully and was in excellent coat and condition. Just preferred movement of 1st.

JB (6,1)

This class was a very hard class, so many beautiful bitches any one could have been my winner.

1 Gee. Watercroft Crafty Monkey. What a solid little girl this is in lovely coat trimmed to her advantage, short cobby body and good bone. Correctly proportioned head, with dark eyes and neat ears. Moved and showed so steadily.

2 Gee. Watercroft Fairy Dust. A Black and Tan in excellent coat of good harsh texture. Lovely bone and good spring of rib. Good head and well placed ears. Moving out well, showing a good topline.

3 Dragon, Norgad’s Royal Flush with Jaeva.

PGB (5)

1 Geary Watercroft Quick as a Flash to Germanus. Lots to like about this very sweet dark red young bitch. She is in great coat groomed well and moves soundly on strong little legs. Such a pretty head with dark expressive eyes and she is balance though out with good bone, nice spring of rib. Excellent top line when on the move.

2 Nash Silverlily of Housenash at Raphiggy. Smart Black and Tan in wonderful coat of correct texture. Moving soundly coming and going with plenty of drive behind. Good bone and showed herself to advantage.

3 Cooper Settrenda Saucy Style.

LB (6,1)

1 Jenkins Brownie Point. Very smart red. In a wonderful tight coat of correct texture. She has a beautiful head with a lovely expression. Great bone. Nicely placed ears and dark eye. Well placed shoulders and good reach of neck leading to a good topline which she held on the move. Sound movement both ways. And a pleasing profile.

2 Smith, Javidel Handmayds Tale. Cobby body with great spring of rib and super bone. Moving well and soundly. Good angulation. And pretty head and expression.

3 Stevenson, Brickin Country Charm.

OB (5,1)

1 Gee, Ch Watercroft Back in a Jiffy. In my notes I just said ‘Gorgeous’, a spectacular black and Tan. Super coat in beautiful trim. She is short and compacted with great bone and substance. Excellent tail set and a gorgeous head with dark expensive eyes and well placed ears. She is well balanced throughout and makes a very balance picture on the move. CC/Best of Breed.

2 Thomson-Morgan Ch. Belleville Citation. Very smart, in great coat and trim. Short backed and well balanced on the move. She has a correctly proportioned head. Neat ears. Nice spring of rib and well laid shoulder placement. Res CC.

3 Smith Javidel May I Present.


1 Lloyd. Orison Thundercloud. Looking well for her 12 years. Her Black and Tan coat was of good texture and she was in good body condition. Moving out really well. Showed us she can still do her owner proud.

Mrs Dorothy Dorkins


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