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Irish National Terrier 24 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

National Terrier 24 Judge






BEST OF BREED : 526 AVERIS, Mr J & RYAN, Mrs D Holbam Ace Of Saredon (ai)
Dog CC : 526 AVERIS, Mr J & RYAN, Mrs D Holbam Ace Of Saredon (ai)
Res Dog CC : 545 HOWARTH, Mrs Andrea & David & HOWARTH, Mr David Niddrua Lightning Bolt
Bitch CC : 537 DELANEY, Mr Liam & Ger Swe Ch O'rowanne Epic Enya To Carliams (IKC)
Res Bitch CC : 559 HALLEY BAUMGARTNER, Mrs Pauline Françoise Marthe Tuscan Red Varvara
Best Puppy : 540 GUMMOW, Mrs Joyce Pinleygreen Irish Star For Montelle Taf
Best Veteran : 521 ATKIN, Mr R. J. & ATKIN, Mrs J. Ch Holbam Celtic Summer Sh.CM ShCEx
Best Special Beginner :


A very enjoying day was had judging Irish Terriers at this great show. Always run like clockwork, The committee go above and beyond to make sure it keeps it High Standards. A breed i have owned and bred in the past and it was an honour judging them at this show. Thank you to the exhibitors for entering their dogs. i must say the breed is in a better place than the last time i judged them. All i will say is watch the height.

VD/B 2

1st. Atkin & Atkins CH Holbam Celtic Summer ShCM - SHCEX - A feminine bitch with a pleasing head of good proportions, A nice reach of neck with some good shoulders, She is good for depth and enough body, a sound moving bitch.

2nd. Karau's Balirlyat Molly's A Diva - A little shorter in head than 1 and flying her ears, Good neck, body and depth and in good coat, a nice rear and moved okay.

MPD 2/1ab.

1st. Bradley's - Lodgecroft Singing Master, A typy male with some good virtues, Nice head, straight in front, He is good for depth with a correct top line and tail on top, He has good rear angles and parallel on the move.

PD 2

1st. Delaney's Carliams Atomic. (IKC) Another young male who is good for type, He has a good length of head with a nice eye, expression and correct dentition. Good reach and well placed shoulders, Straight in front with good bone, well bodied and racy. Firm over his loin with some good rear angles, A super jacket, shown in good condition and very sound on the move.

2nd. Thomas's - Bilkarny Hotcross Bun - A little up on the leg for me and would prefer a little less furnishings, Neat ears with a good front, ample depth, well bodied with a nice rear, Moved out well.

JD 2

1st. Anderson's - Kerrykeel Damhnaic - A pleasing youngster, Nice head of good length, dark eye and a strong jaw. A good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, A level topline held well on the move, nice rear angles and good feet, Moves parallel both fore and aft.

2nd. Simon's - Brucephela Quito Berry - Wider in skull than 1, He has a decent length of neck and a tidy front, Nice reach and a level topline, A good front, feet and ample depth with a good rear, he moves okay.

PG 1

1st. Chilver's - Apispolb Bumble - Nice enough male and straight in front, I would prefer a little more depth of brisket, he is well ribbed with good rear angles, He is parallel on the move.

L 6/1ab.

1st. Howarth's Niddrua Lightning Bolt. This is a quality male and one of the few that has that typical dhurty look. A lovely size, A head of good length and proportions, Nice neck into a good lay of shoulder, Well body and the correct amount of substance, He is well muscled with great angulation, Without doubt he was the best mover in this class, Shown in good condition and a super jacket. I was pleased to award him the RCC.

2nd. Martin's - Griffins Galanthus Gunderic - A dog i have judged before and pleased to see he has matured well with nothing exaggerated. Good head, front and feet, strong neck and a level topline, He is good for depth with a firm rear, In good coat and condition and very sound on the move.

3rd. Ruffles - Holbam Midsummer Knight At Ruffmar. (AI) JW

Res. Oliver & Oliver's Rufous Gubbeen Of Cleeve

VHC. Brown's Sujoncla Pawnee Creek At Pitsford.

O. 6/1ab

1st. Averis & Ryan's 0 Holbam Ace Of Saredon (AI). A balanced male with a good head of good length and in proportion. Dark eye, ears well set and a strong jaw. Tidy in front which is of good width, plenty of bone and substance throughout, He has a firm rear and turned out well, He was in good coat and moved well covering plenty of ground. CC & BOB.

2nd. Hardman's CH - SWED - FIN - EST - INT CH Red Lucifer At Bonosue - Another Typy male of good quality, Head of good length, dark eye, v shaped ears and another with that dhurty look. Masculine neck of good reach into well set shoulders, he has a correct depth of brisket, level topline and firm over the loin, A well muscled rear, shown in good condition and racy with substance, He is very sound on the move.

3rd. Delaney's IR CH Carliams Little Joey (IKC)

Res. Grant & Hemming's - CH & IR CH Courtington

VHC. Atwell's - Kerrykeel Conchobhar At Xanwil.

PB 4/2ab

1st. Gummow's - Pinleygreen Irish Star For Montelle (TAF) A pretty youngster who is balanced, feminine and of good type, A promising future lies ahead. She is good for type, a lovely size, a good head and expression with good reach, nice depth and well bodied, She is parallel both fore and aft. BPIB

2nd. Hardman & Howarth's Bonosue Shooting Star - On the day she was giving a little away on maturity and still very much a baby, Lots to like about her she has some good virtues, A nice promising youngster who needs time.

J 2

1st. Good's - Originelle Orla - Nice enough head with a good length on neck, A tidy front with good feet, Good for bone, body and substance throughout and she is sound on the move.

2nd. Anderson's - Kerrykeel Coragh - Head of good proportions, Dark eye with v shaped ears, Nice in front with good depth, a well angulated rear, On the day she was carrying a little too much weight.

PG 4

1st. Redman's - Holbam Freya - A feminine bitch of type, Pleasing head and expression, Good reach of neck and well placed shoulders, Neat in front with good feet, plenty of bone and substance throughout and a nice angulated firm rear, Correct topline which she held well on the move, Parallel both fore and aft.

2nd. Lovelace's - Dotsfirth Pearls A Singer - Pleasing head, neat ears and a dark eye with a strong jaw. She is well bodied throughout, she has good angulation and a firm rear, Moved well.

3rd. Holbam's - Midsummer Sprite.

Res. Atwell's Kerrykeel Beibhinn At Xanwil.

L 3/2ab

1st. Thomas & Print's Bilarny Edna Cotton Socks, A little up on the leg for me and on the day carrying too much weight. Level topline on the move, nice angulated rear and a bitch who moves well.

O. 6

1st. Delaney's - SWE CH O'Rowanne Epic Enya - (IKC) A bitch of lovely size - Beautiful head without exaggeration, Nice dark eye, V shaped ears, strong jaw and good bite, Firm neck and shoulders, nice front with good depth of brisket, good bone, body, depth and substance, well ribbed and a firm muscled rear, Moderate bend of stifle and shown in very good condition a bitch what is very sound on the move. BCC

2nd. Vallerini's - Tuscan Red Devil - Another bitch who ticks all the right boxes, a close decision between these 2. Very feminine with a sweet head and of good size, A tidy front with a good depth of chest, Correct topline which she holds well on the move. Tail bang on top, a nice angulated firm rear with a nice bend of stifle. Shown in good condition and handled very well. RCC

3rd. Wortley's - Jarabica Grace O'malley.

Res. Redman's - Holbam Celtic Little Minx.


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