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Irish Manchester 24 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Manchester 24 Judge






Judge: Mr Joe Ashe

Res Dog CC : 6354 SCHMIDT, Mrs Carolin Int Ch Royal Rubys' Made of Fire
Bitch CC : 6328 DAVIDSON, Ms Anne Saredon Miss Davidson JW
Res Bitch CC : 6322 BRADLEY, Miss A Pinleygreen Irish Star for Montelle
Best Puppy : 6322 BRADLEY, Miss A Pinleygreen Irish Star for Montelle
Best Veteran : 6314 ATKIN, Mr R. J. & ATKIN, Mrs J. Ch Holbam Celtic Summer Sh.CM ShCEx
Best Special Beginner :


My thanks to the exhibitors for an excellent entry, quality was high but there are a couple of things creeping into the breed. Topline should include the loin slightly arched . The eye of the Irish is crucial to give that special Irish expression, the larger round eye cannot give a true expression.

PD (5,1)

1 Averis & Barker, Saredon Turning Point. A bright future for this handsome but still raw young man, balanced head with good dentition, fair length of neck into well placed shoulders, good angulation giving that racy outline, shown in good coat and moved well when settled.

2 Radke, Udefix von der Emsmuehle. Strong masculine dog, dark eye straight front, deep chest, muscular hindquarters, good pads, harsh coat moved well both ways, just preferred the angulation of 1.

3 Thomas & Print, Bilarny Hotcross Bun.

JD (4,2)

1 Radke, Udefix von der Emsmuehle repeat

2nd: Thomas & Print, Bilarny Hotcross Bun liked his expression and use of ears, correct scissor bite, dense wiry coat, good rear angulation, just preferred the rear movement of 1.

PGD (3)

1 Ruffles, Holbam Midsummer Knight At Ruffmar (ai) Good racy outline, flat skull, dark eye, correct dentition, carried his neck well, deep chest,good coat, strong fore and hindquarters, strong movement both ways.

2 Oliver & Oliver, Rufous Gubbeen Of Cleeve. Another powerful masculine male with good angulation giving that racy outline,correct dentition, used his ears well, strong back,good tailset, excellent coat,deep fairly sprung rib.

3 Chilvers, Apispolb Bumble.

LD (2)

1 Howarth & Howarth, Niddrua Lightning Bolt. Well balanced head, dark eye, correct scissor bite, just enough neck, straight front, correct pads, deep chest, strong back into powerful hindquarters, moved well both ways.

2 McConnell & McConnell, Tootrock Arcturus. Similar to 1, slightly larger overall, masculine head, well placed ears, shown in excellent coat, good overall angulation, strong fore and hindquarters, just preferred the expression of 1.

OD (7,3)

1 Averis & Ryan, Holbam Ace Of Saredon (Ai) Elegant dog, dark eye giving the correct Irish expression, excellent neck into well placed shoulders, level back, correct tailset, deep chest, strong fore and hindquarters which showed when on the move, excellent angulation giving that racy outline. DCC & BOB (short list for the Group)

2 Schmidt, Int Ch Royal Rubys’ Made of Fire. Pushed hard for top spot, correct head and dentition, used his ears well, straight front with excellent pads,fairly sprung rib, level topline with slight arch, good angulation, excellent coat, just preferred the expression of 1, RDCC.

3 Bamsey, Holbam Celtic Wizzard JW.

PB (3,1)

1 Bradley, Pinleygreen Irish Star for Montelle A star for the future, feminine throughout, good scissor bite, elegant neck into well laid shoulders, excellent front, dense coat, with good colour, correct bend of stifle, well balanced, full of character, moved well both ways BRCC/BPIB.

2 Hardman & Howarth, Bonosue Shooting Star, Correct dentition, flew her ears a little today, good spring of rib, shown in excellent coat, moved well when she settled, just preferred rear angulation of 1.

JB (3,1)

1 Redman, Holbam Freya Excellent outline, ears set well on, good forequarters with plenty of bone, excellent pads, deep fairly sprung ribs, well let down hocks, correct tail set, harsh wiry coat, liked her overall angulation moved strongly both ways.

2 Case, Kerrykeel Koire Ir Jun Ch Has many many qualities to offer, liked her ears, correct straight front, shown in good harsh wiry coat, strong round feet with good pads,tail just spoiled her outline.

PGB (7,4)

1 Redman, Holbam Freya. Liked her head and expression, correct dentition, elegant neck, straight front, correct coat and colour, excellent in outline and angulation won on overall movement.

2 Price & Price, Magairlin Adhmor Moonlight, flat skull, correct scissor bite, shorter neck than 1, strong straight front, deep chest, harsh coat, good rear angulation.

3 Griffiths, Sonorra Scarlet Ribbon.

LB (5,1)

1 Davidson, Saredon Miss Davidson JW Quality young lady, showing a graceful racy outline, feminine head, good expression, elegant neck, fine well laid back shoulder, straight back with slight arch, excellent overall angulation, shown in good coat. Moved well both ways. BCC.

2 Thomas & Print, Bilarny Edna Cotton Socks. Head of good proportions, correct ear set, black nose, good dentition, good pads, harsh coat, strong hindquarters which she used to move well on the rear.

3 Atkin & Atkin, Holbam Celtic Rose JW (ai).

OB (3,1)

1 Halley Baumgartner, Tuscan Red Varvara Feminine head, balanced front, good shoulder placement, neat round feet with good pads, strong muscular hindquarters, correct tailset, good angulation, liked her overall movement.

2 Bradshaw, Holbam Midsummer Sprite (a.i) Liked her head and ears, correct scissor bite, straight strong forequarters, deep chest, well let down hocks, just preferred the tailset of 1.

VB (3)

1 Atkin & Atkin, Ch Holbam Celtic Summer ShCM ShCEx Still retains all her qualities, balanced head, good expression, fine long shoulders, straight front, shown in good coat, correct tailset, strong hindquarters, moved both ways well BV

2 Karau, Balirolyat Molly’s a Diva Very similar to 1 in many areas, strong head, good dentition, shorter in neck than 1, correct fore and hindquarters, moved ok both ways , ears just unsettled on the move.

3 Nolcino, Holbam Celtic Kate VW ShCM

Joe Ashe

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