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Wire Fox Bath 13 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Bath 13 Judge


Judge: Miss R Pearce

BEST OF BREED : 1374 DE MUNTER, Mr R & UITERWIJK Mrs D King Arthur Van Foliny Home
Dog CC : 1374 DE MUNTER, Mr R & UITERWIJK Mrs D King Arthur Van Foliny Home
Res Dog CC : 1377 FROST Mr A Travella Set The Trend
Bitch CC : 1386 SCHONEBERG Mr F W Rainbow vd Schonenbergen
Res Bitch CC : 1388 VAN WEERSCH Miss E Legra V.D. Bismarckquelle
Best Puppy : 1381 HAMPTON Ms K Wofferwood Tansy
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :


Wire Fox Terriers

Thank you to the exhibitors for their support on what was probably the coldest show day of this year, the high winds did not help the dogs settle to their jobs at hand & I’m sure some would be better focussed in better conditions.

PD (1)

1 Selvina Leading Centaur, 8 months, good dentition, keen eye. Could be cleaner in backskull. Good coated dog with good pigmentation, good depth of ribbing for age. Little long in loin for proportions. Moved soundly in profile with purpose, forward temperament.

JD (1)

1 Lionheart Van Foliny Home, 13 months upstanding immature dog, keen temperament & not settled to the job at hand. Good dentition, level head planes, good length of foreface with fill & strength, dark eye, keen expression with well set ears which he used well, good length & depth of ribbing, short backed, good set on & feet. Moved soundly but uncoordinated, needs time.

PGD (5)

1 Wyregait Number One Guy, good head planes & good strength to foreface. Could be cleaner in backskull. Fair length of neck into well laid shoulders, short back, well sprung ribs. Not in best of coats & not settled on lead;

2 Travella Smart Predator, well presented dog, good proportions of backskull to foreface with strength & fill below the eye, good dentition, used ears well. Fair neck spoilt by being upright in shoulder. Good depth & spring of rib, longer cast than 1, moved soundly with purpose in profile, good lateral movement in rear;

3 Coedrhosyn Curiosity.

LD (2)

1 CC, BOB & G4, King Arthur Van Foliny Home, this dog draws your eye across the ring, very typy silhouette, good head planes, dark eye, well set ears & keenest of expressions, good fill below the eye, good dentition, short backed, good depth & length of ribbing, tail well set with good quarters, good bone & well let down hocks with strength, in good condition & well presented. A handful at times for his handler but sound moving with purpose when settled, alert & on toes from class to breed challenge;

2 Warnell’s Umizoomi, young male not at maturity, full of exuberance & a challenge for his handler, good head planes with good strength of foreface, good dentition, fair length of neck & good length & depth of ribbing, longer cast than 1, sound moving with purpose & drive, in best body coat of the day, well presented.

OD (3)

1 RCC, Travella Set The Trend, picture marked showy dog who makes the most of himself on the floor, good fill to foreface & dentition, not using his ears that well, but did enough here. Great ribbing & body, good bone & well balanced overall;

2 Wyregait Mister Right, not in best coat & condition. Short & well bodied, good spring of rib, sound moving in profile, showy dog, enjoys the ring.

PB (1)

1 BP, Wofferwood Tansy, 10 months babe, good size & bone for proportions, in good coat & well presented, well bodied, good spring of rib, moved soundly with purpose in profile, maintaining topline, overall balance on the move won her BP.

JB (3)

1 Longlenth Go Go Maxine, very immature junior, good proportions for length of back skull to foreface, dark keen eye, not using her ears to best advantage but good expression evident, fair length of neck & well placed shoulders, good depth of ribbing, moved soundly, needs time;

2 W Tansy.

PGB (2)

1 Saredon Billie Jo, well boned bitch, up to size, level planes, good foreface, good dentition & keen expression, alert to all around her, fair neck, well ribbed. A shade longer in loin than preferred for overall balance. Good feet, moved soundly in profile, good coat well presented.

LB (3)

1 RCC, Legra VD Bismarckquelle, the second of the day to draw the eye across the ring, quality feminine bitch of good bone & proportions, good head proportions, dark eye, well set ears although not using them to her full advantage, keen expression, fair neck into well ribbed body, tail well set, good quarters & well angulated into well let down hocks of good strength, moved soundly & well laterally in the rear, but not at complete ease with high winds. I hope we see her again in the UK to challenge again;

2 Peggy Sue Got Married, quality feminine bitch, lovely outline across the ring, but just lacking some maturity, good headpiece, clean backskull, level planes, dark expressive eye, good ears used well, fair neck into clean shoulders, good length & depth of ribbing, body should come with maturity, well set tail, good quarters with good angulation & well let down hocks, moved soundly in profile, just needs time;

3 Lenicka Bright Ideas.

OB (2)

1 CC, Rainbow VD Schonenbergen, quality mature bitch who was pleasure to go over, great bone for size & maintaining femininity, in great coat & condition & well presented, good eye & dentition, good fill to foreface & strength of underjaw, shortest bitch of the day with excellent ribbing, tail well set, great quarters & muscle behind the tail, moved soundly, good strength through hocks. A handful for her handler & needed some settling;

2 Tyquin Arctic Fox, quality bitch I have watched from ringside, good flat planes to her head, good dentition & fill to foreface, well ribbed body & well set tail, good angulation in rear & sound in profile movement, preferred expression & shoulder on 1, well presented.


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